Kitty Goes Shopping: Black Friday

The kitty is going out of town for the holiday, but first I did some quick game shopping.  Bree at Massively posted a wonderful list of MMO deals.

Last night I bought the League of Explorers for Hearthstone, and this morning I added Warlords of Draenor for $12.50.

Now I have to decide what character to boost to 90: Priest, Death Knight, or just go with my 85 Druid, skipping Pandaria with her. Massively reported on new bear skins/models for Druid in the coming Legion expansion. Gnome hunters are also coming.

After playing F2P or B2P cash-shop games for the last two years, it seems so weird for developers to just give players things as part of the total default package. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a polluted world, like OOOH – I remember that.

So I’ve spent $133 on Blizzard games this year, and I’ve gotten back around $600 because Blizzard’s stock almost doubled in the same time period. So thanks, Blizzard.

Devilian now has a release date of Dec. 10!

I don’t know how far I’ll get into Devilian, but it’s a nice popcorn game with a unique flavor, sense of humor, good music, and good grouping and social tools.  I hope the launch goes smoothly.

They are working on improving the race/gender lock problem.  I imagine this issue will cost the developers more lost revenue by far than any other shortcoming.

blizzard purchases

Elf In Real Life: Drones, Romanticism, and Frankenfish

This was a horrible week to be an elf.

DemocracyNow! reported this week on video game skills used for military drones. Apparently games are raising the youth to be combat-trained for killing people. If your parents don’t like you playing games, eSports are a weak argument. Go with drones.

Authorized drones will be used for everything, especially spying and delivering things. Virtual reality goggles will make drones even more immersive, just like you’re flying right there personally, peeping into that window on the tenth floor.

Intel warned this week that too much government regulation of drones will cause them to export research to other countries. So the big corps are already pushing the government to give them no interference.

Meanwhile, Microsoft nags me every single day to update to Windows 10. This is for profit of course, never mind that this will break my $800 Adobe installation, since Adobe refuses to support my two-year-old software.

Microsoft and Adobe both want me to abandon the products I already paid for, switch to their cloud offerings, and pay them a lot more.

This week I watched the first two seasons of Orphan Black on Amazon Prime, which managed to trick me into a year-long subscription. I’ve always got confirmation emails from Amazon with no problem, but the specific email to warn me about my free trial expiration mysteriously went to my spam folder.

Oh, silly spam folder. It’s not like Amazon could predict that (sic). So they managed to auto-renew me for $100 with effectively no warning.

I’m pretty much disgusted by every big American tech company except Blizzard and Nvidia. My AMD video card software has been broken irreparably for the last decade. Apple is about ecosystem control, rich people, greed, and the bogus American dream. Google and Yahoo are advertising.

If AdBlock were banned, I would kill myself after using the internet.

Today I learned a new English word, which almost never happens. The word is apanthropinisation, which was coined in 1880 and appears defined as the act of withdrawing from the state of humanity, along with its turmoil and anxiety.

This seems like a 19th century word that an elf wannabe could resurrect and contemplate, but we have to be wary of over-romanticism.

Romanticism can be more hobbit-like than elf-like when we take things and try to exaggerate them, as if we were children, and overwork simple concepts into fantastic polysyllabic notions.

To ice the cake of my elf depression, I’m watching a Stephen Segal movie on Univision Mas right now. I’ve studied Spanish for thirty years to the point of full fluency. I originally wanted to move to another non-U.S. country, but I can’t stand hispanic culture.

Between the fight scenes, there are commercials for Baywatch reruns, and advertisements for a phone chat line featuring sultry women in lingerie. I really thought these things died decades ago. I used to think Mexico was decades behind the U.S., and some things don’t change.

Playboy recently announced that the magazine will no longer have nude photos in the U.S., but Mexico will still have nudes. I hope that proves my point if you’re still skeptical.

This week I literally started studying Chinese. So “nǐhǎo” amigos! In another three decades, I’ll be ready to retire to a hut in China. I mean a Pizza Hut, since I won’t have enough retirement money with my income.

I’ll have genetically engineered Frankenfish to eat though, so I suppose that’s something.

Weekly Wyrm: Trion Livestream, Devilian Etc.

Devilian Screenshot

This week I finished part one of Life is Strange, got halfway through Act 2 of Diablo 3, went from level 35 to 55 in Guild Wars 2, and played some Devilian Beta.

I’m not motivated to advance past level 30 in Devilian. The beta characters will be wiped before launch, which is expected by the end of the year. So I focused on watching the Friday official livestream.

Drewcifer (producer for Devilian NA/EU) mentioned not wanting to launch against Star Wars, and also implied a reluctance to go against all the current big releases this month in November.

Since Star Wars ep. 7 is December 18, and Battlefront is this coming week on the heels of Fallout 4 and Black Ops, this kitty guesses Devilian in 3-4 weeks after Thanksgiving.

Drewcifer said a new super-momentous producer letter will be released in the coming days, to be discussed next Friday on the next livestream. So I’d guess we get a release date.

Trion also mentioned some new team members on Devilian. I’ve started working on a newbie guide, but I’m just trying to learn the game myself at this point. So we’ll see.

Anyone can supposedly join the beta this weekend by buying the $20 starter pack.

Victoria Voss said if you’re interested in streaming Devilian, please contact them via the forums, and they will help you get set up.

Drewcifer said there was nothing they can do about the gender-locked classes, which is the most criticized feature at this point. The devs said there is no chance of doing opposite genders for each class, but they mentioned a possibility of adding variations of classes with the opposite gender.

More classes are coming to Devilian in the coming months, which is more than Elder Scrolls Online can say 18 months after launch. One new class was previewed recently, and it’s a great addition to the female selection.

The two current female options are cute and cuter, so the bad girl theme is a really good idea, as is melee. For the sake of the game, a wizard or ranger type for the guys seems even better.


In the Rift livestream, the devs mentioned they are bringing the Sparkle Quest back, along with Rift patch 3.5, which will include Fae Yule. Last year’s Sparkle Quest was a weekly where you did all sorts of Rift content, and you could get a random piece of tier gear.

This time will not be a weekly that turns all players magically into insane hamsters. You can only do it once for a tier 3 piece. You’ll be able to choose if you want DPS/heal or tank gear. It’s still random between those two types. No weapons this time. Only armor and accessories.

Patch 3.5 will also bring upgrades to PvP gears, PvP convenience improvements, and a button on the crafting panel that lets you jump directly to the correct component to buy in the store. Now that’s some seasonal joy!

Also, all mounts can now be made amphibious, but they still need to be unlocked. The devs went to great efforts to do this, and they need fat paychecks for their NorCal rent. Trion is also hiring, but they apparently need lots of senior and director people.


This week I was also reading and uploading new versions of my books to stamp out typos. It’s depressing that I made so many mistakes in my final attempt to be perfect. The editor has been flogged.

At least two succubus-focused reviewers may be looking at my books soon, so I’m also marketing more towards the succubus theme at this point. I’m advertising for that on a super-secret bad girl blog.

It’s secret, but I have 750 followers on that blog. How does that happen? Believe it or not, video games are not the most popular online topic.

Today I tried to make sushi. I made the rolls ok, but the rice tasted horrible. I’m still burping up that fake crab leg crud. The sweet potato roll was more promising. I’ll try to do better next time, senpai.

Happy Friday, and happy gaming.

Hearthstone: The League Of Explorers Adventure Revealed

Elise Starseeker

A new Hearthstone adventure was revealed at Blizzcon today, to be released this coming Thursday. See the trailer here.

The adventure promises “surprises” and speaks to the heart of going on an adventure. The adventure will feature exploration, danger, solo missions, ruined temples, and of course new cards.

Players will travel across Azeroth with the League of Explorers in search for the “Staff of Origination”. The three parts of the staff are located in Uldaman, Temple of Orsis, and Stranglethorn Jungle.

As an example mission, at Blizzcon you can help Reno Jackson escape from a ruined temple. Each league member will be a part of the story and also a legendary card:

  • Brann Bronzebeard. League founder.
  • Elise Starseeker. Her card that shuffles a “map to the golden monkey” into your deck. The golden monkey replaces your entire hand and deck with legendary cards.
  • Reno Jackson. Fortune hunter of questionable ethics.
  • Sir Finley Murgleton. Gentleman murloc.

A new mechanic in the adventure is the “discover” mechanic. When you play a card with discover, it will present you with three random (but not entirely random depending on your deck?) cards, and you can pick the best card that fits your current situation.

I really like the new Hunter card, the “Exporer’s Hat”, which gives a minion +1/+1 and a deathrattle to return another hat to your hand. I play a mid-range hunter though, and this seems to push hunters further into lower-curve favoritism.

All cards on Facebook.

In a strong vote of confidence, Life Is Strange won the poll for the game I’ll play this weekend! (I’ll probably play all three, honestly. I’m feeling ambitious.)

Activision Blizzard Studios Announced

Blizzard also announced the creation of a movie and TV studio dedicated to developing their intellectual properties in different formats.

Their first production will be a TV series called “Skylanders Academy”. They also envision Call of Duty films.

Wall Street seems to dislike this idea of entering a very crowded space, sending the stock down 6% today. This kitty would have expected a pop on Blizzcon.

On the face of it, the idea seems crazy, but Blizzard is crazy like a fox. They understand and implement the power of characters better than anyone else.

Still, it seems to make more sense to see how Warcraft the movie fares when it’s released in June of 2016, and then build a movie studio.

I have to wonder if the huge entertainment industry movement towards streaming decreases the entry costs to such an effort, and of course Blizzard intends to reap benefits from cross promotion.

Elf In Real Life: Checking Out Of Reality

Why can’t humans handle reality? We spend so much time preferring fantasy worlds, whether they are in books, movies, or games. We hate our physical bodies. We hate our jobs, our neighbors, or whatever.

And we have electric light, hot water, oxycodone, endless varieties of limitless food, and contraception. We practically live in paradise, and we are still unsatisfied. How did humans even cope a few hundred years ago? How do people cope in less developed countries?

Some landscape guys came and trimmed the big, beautiful tree outside. They cut off several branches and scarred the trunk with their climbing spikes. Every time I go outside my door, it’s like walking past my friend who was amputated.

I have a four-day vacation starting today. Almost no one is buying my books (although I haven’t pulled any marketing levers yet), and I’m depressed and exhausted. I need to quest for some chocolate and drink a relaxation potion.

What game should I play? I’ve never done a poll before, so I hope it goes. Oops, that should be Ranger not Hunter.


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