Elven Adventuress UI For LotRO

I’m finally uploading one of the most beautiful interfaces available for LotRO! Or at least, I think so.

Modding a LotRO interface is not a perfect process. Many graphics have been left out of what is available to us, including the “Buy Now” graphics and most of the class- and race- specific art. We do not have any update yet since F2P, including the new crafting panel. I don’t know how to explain that, but it’s fine. I just have to accept that my own modded interface will never be perfect, and upload it “as is”.

I am currently not playing much LotRO, but as a lifer I will be around. I’m sure I’ll have another go at this eventually, at a similar pace to Turbine’s support of UI modding. I.e. if there is anything wrong with this interface, please comment here or at LotRO interface and let me know. I just can’t promise when I’ll get back to it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

The Elven Adventuress UI is an elegant interface for the lady adventuress. It joins beauty with functionality, casting the LotRO UI in frames of metallic gold with fields of plum, pink, and burgundy red. Motifs are of leather and lace, shells, leaves, stars, and sea. Original figurative artwork of the artist was incorporated into a number of panels.

Update- This interface has now been updated for Isengard. Please jump to this post for the updated version.


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6 responses to “Elven Adventuress UI For LotRO

  • Elenial

    Love this UI, I got it yesterday. But I have a quick question, did you test this on the 1920 x 1080 res at all as the Character Pane is showing the background in a tile mode 4 times. If you need a screenshot or a tester, I’d be happy to help in anyway, just holler. But absolutely beautiful work, thank you so much!

    • Jacquotte

      Hi Elenial! Apparently I was a little too lazy making the fix for the tiling after the patch and did not account for all resolutions. To make a long story short (internet access issues), I will try to fix this on the 16th (next weekend) using my HDTV. Until then, you could possibly fix it for yourself by going to the documents folder with the UI files and:

      1. Make a copy/backup the SkinDefinition.xml file.

      2. Open the file in Notepad (I like Notepad++), and delete everything between these two lines, then save:


      Alternatively, you could send me a screenshot at rand@randkline.com and I can probably give you a more precise diagnosis based on what image is being tiled. Thanks so much for reporting this! Glad you like the UI. Have fun. ~Silverangel/Jacquotte

      • Jacquotte

        Oh dear…Wordpress ate the XML. Ok.,, The sections in the skindefintion.xml are in alphabetical order. The lines are all basically overrides of the default interface. So look for Boxes, then Chat, then Character. Just delete the the blocks of override lines that look like they have anything to do with the character panel.

  • Elenial

    Hi Jacquotte, I could do that, but then I lose the pretty 🙂 The actual image that’s tiling is journal_paperdoll_border and you can see the picture at Character Pane Pic. Cheers, I’ll just wait til you’re able to fix it!

    • Jacquotte

      Hmmmm. Thanks for posting an image. This image journal_paperdoll_border.tga should not be loading because I fixed it by commenting it out of the xml file.

      I’m guessing you downloaded/are using the archived version of the UI (v. 1.3) instead of the current version. (v. 1.4) (It’s easy to accidentally download the old one instead of using the download button at the top right of the page on LotRO Interface.) If you open your SkinDefinition.xml in a text editor, it should say Version 1.4 Updated 3/22/10 in the credits, and the size of the downloaded zip file should have been 9.44 MB, not 10 MB. Would you mind checking this? Otherwise I’m baffled! 🙂

  • Elenial

    I just commented it out, and that worked fine. Thanks!

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