Demon Woman And Bunny Girl

Stripperific. Jef Reahard from Massively posted a daily grind discussion topic this morning asking: when does in-game armor go from sexy to stripperific? I have to ask the question of why males get to ask this question in the first place.

It’s a fact that men achieve their emotional peaks in their life through interactions with women. The archetypes of the castrating evil witch (mother, sexually agressive and independent woman, demon woman) and the sweet virgin (fertile object of desire, bunny girl) have run through human myths and literature since the dawn of human civilization.

I’m not going to write a college essay on this, but shouldn’t women be able to dress how we want? We really don’t need a round table of males to decide the question of how much skin we should have showing in a game–what is slutty and what isn’t slutty. The fact is that some women enjoy dressing as bunny girls. I live in the proverbial middle of a forest with no one around to hear, and I still enjoy the sound and feel of my high heels and, well, other things. My bunny ears are currently in storage in Arizona.

Put some female artists in charge of the armor design. Women can empower themselves just fine.


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