Felicia Day Reveals New Dragon Age 2 Web Series On Jimmy Fallon

Felicia Day appeared last night on Jimmy Fallon to debut a trailer for her Dragon Age 2 themed web series sponsored by Bioware: Dragon Age Redemption.

I’m a fan of Felicia, Dragon Age, and Elf power, so this is good news! Felicia gets ripped for fight training! (Ripped as in elf-girl muscles.) Sounds exciting. See an article and the video for last night here–the internet says so.

Also notably, Season 4 of The Guild will be on DVD next week from Netflix. Duly added to my queue. Season 5 of The Guild was also announced. If you haven’t seen the WoW-derived vehicle of Felicia Day’s fame, you should definitely check it out. Previous seasons are available for view in different places, including YouTube, Netflix On Demand, etc.

In another DA2 side note, Bioware has recently announced a demo for DA2 that will be available on Feb. 22, 2011. “Rise to power by any means necessary.” Does it get better than that for RPG goodness?


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