Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars

Why am I playing this flash game today instead of Rift? I’m trying to figure this out. I haven’t played Rift in a few weeks, so I’m thinking it’s going to be something special. A real old school gaming session. I’m going to stock up on Doritos and Diet Coke while I’m out running errands this afternoon, and cozy down tonight with this major world event that Massively has been talking about.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this treat for you, my loyal readers: Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars flash game, which came to my attention on AfterEllen.com.

“I have a cage for you!”

Oh my god. I want to see Bioware make this into an epic with romances, a party of loyal concubines, and the works. Bioware nerfed inventory, and the queen and her consorts probably don’t wear much, so that works. And the queen only has one spell, so think of the savings of only having to make one only one special spell effect! I went ahead and made a quick chart for the future of RPG’s as I see it in terms of spells.

In other geek-related news, Game Of Thrones premiers on HBO tomorrow. This just looks like an amazing fantasy epic. I admit that I couldn’t get into the books because of so many characters and so much political stuff, which isn’t why I read fantasy, but I could maybe get into a cable series like this.


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