Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars — Domination!

I’ve been in the top ten on a few of the LotRO leaderboards, but this is one of my all-time gamer triumphs. Weep, slaves! Weep before the awesome power of the queen! Apparently a dumbed-down game can actually be really fun, at least for a few days. I didn’t even get around to playing Rift this weekend. I was skeptical about not having to even press a button to shoot in Spider-Queens, but I think Auntie got the design right. The whimper of the captured princess is truly priceless too. I wonder if the designers might ever make a sequel with more spells for the queen? I also noticed today that my Elven Adventuress UI for LotRO has exceeded 2000 downloads. Feeling oddly satisfied today as a gamer.


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