Quote Of The Day

In further homage to BioBreak today, here’s a “quote of the day”:

I’ve looked back at my gaming history and seen that I’ve had a really bad track record of staying committed to “true” F2P games. Why that is the case has nothing to do with perceived quality, but has everything to do with the fact that little motivation comes from little investment.MMOGamerChick

This angle has a lot to do with my continued lack of desire to play LotRO again, above and beyond the problems I have with the buy-upgrade store buttons all over the interface, including the character sheet.

For example, Turbine is raising the virtue caps with Isengard this fall. I like working on virtue stats. Why? Because they are permanent upgrades to your character, which makes them more favorable and higher value to me than another forgettable “legendary” item or piece of armor that you’re going to outgrow and throw away.

Unfortunately, with F2P in place, I have a dilemma. I can either play the game and earn the virtue through work (it takes real determination to earn several ranks of the Determination virtue!), or I can use my points in the store to just press a button and buy a more powerful character outright within a few seconds, and not waste my time.

Little motivation from little investment. MMOGamerChick is talking about monetary investment, but it cuts the same way for time investment. An achievement that can be shortcutted like this is meaningless and unmotivating, and Turbine has sold out a lot of the effort in their game in order to achieve the objectives of their financial model.


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