Rift State Of The Game–Hartsman Waxes Enthusiastic

I mean “waxes” in the poetic meaning, of course. The man is good-looking, but I don’t know if he’s that metro. So.

Today we received a major double-scoop of epic Rift news. This afternoon Massively reported on a Rift presentation on the state of the game, which was a bunch of reading in itself. This evening, Hartsman seems to have posted the same information, but in the extended form of an epic novel.

You can just tell that the producer of Rift is excited about his game, and that excitement is contagious. On top of that, Hartsman starts off by recognizing the community and the support of the players. Even more remarkable is that this news, as well as recent patches, basically sing “we heard you” to the community.

I’m speechless. Really.

It’s interesting that Hartsman recognizes how abrupt and confusing hitting 50 and Rift is. It’s true. Which is why the L50 guide here on my blog quickly surpassed my newbie guide, despite my L50 guide not being officially listed or linked anywhere, that I know of. People are getting it from Google and my forum signature.

I really like the sound of the new CHRONICLES OF TELARA instances.

We’ve also been working on ways to get a similar sense of involvement with key story characters, and new key areas, in a way that’s available to more people.

The story involvement with world events is a good first step here, but we think there’s even more we can do. Chronicles of Telara are solo/small group instances that get everyone involved with key characters and villains in the worlds’ ongoing story.

These sound kind of like the LotRO story instances called session play, which are really fun and popular, where you can live through important events in the history of the lore. I don’t know if Time Travel or playing as an NPC will be involved here or not, but the focus on solo, story, and lore here will fill some real content gaps that players have been complaining about.

Most of all, this State of the Game shows that Trion appreciates and intends to cater to all types of players, not just raiders. This is a big deal, and I’m even more glad now that I resubscribed (and bought a second account). There are so many amazing places Rift can go from here.

Trion seems like the Cirque Du Soleil of MMO developers. You never know what they are going to do next, but there’s a good chance it’s going to be something awesome and eye-opening. They don’t want keep doing the same-old, despite how much of it they’ve done. Free, easy, and painless self-serve server transfers in-game? Are you kidding me?

Additional reading: PC Gamer Article.


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