You Might Be A Sith: A Dark Side Questionnaire

Should you play as a Sith or a Jedi in SWTOR? Two factions in an MMO allow for life-or-death conflict, intriguing storylines, and intense PvP scenarios. SWTOR is no exception to this standard.

In fact, SWTOR ups the ante by delivering one of the most clearly “evil” and destructive sides in an MMO to date, while games like Aion and WoW waffle and write neither side as necessarily good or bad. Everyone knows who the good guys are in Star Wars, and everyone has seen the evil that the bad guys can do.

In the first ten levels of the Sith academy on Korriban in SWTOR, verbal abuse, cruelty, betrayal, assassination, and torture are the norm.

In Drew Karpashyn’s Darth Bane novels, we see a little sympathy for the Sith, just as we see sympathy sometimes for the actions of comic book super-villains like Doctor Octopus and Catwoman. Can you handle playing Sith, or should you stick with the good guys?

Answer the following statements: Agree, Disagree, or I Don’t Know. When you finish the questionnaire, check your score at the end!

  1. You’re with Magneto. The humans really *are* an inferior race, and they need to be put in their place.
  2. You secretly have a thing for Professor Snape/Bellatrix Lestrange. You could be persuaded to get a serpent tattoo on your wrist as a symbol of your affection.
  3. You agree that mudbloods should never be allowed into Hogwarts. Voldemort is just misunderstood. Avada Kedavra is the only spell from Harry Potter that you can remember. Long live Slytherin.
  4. At a deep, subconscious level, Cylons fascinate you. You wouldn’t mind realizing that you’re really one of them.
  5. You wouldn’t want to be a Cylon, but you might be willing to betray the human race for a passionate long-term romance with Number Six. (Or Number Eight.)
  6. When you watch the Karate Kid (any of the movies with Ralph Macchio), he annoys you so much that you actually want the bad guys to win and crush him like the sniveling bug that he is.
  7. Sometimes you fantasize about using Force Choke and lightning powers in real life, and you like it.
  8. You don’t get why people like hobbits. You almost wish the orcs would kill them and roast them so the book/movie series will end.
  9. Light sabers look good in red, and you look good in black. You don’t need a better excuse for being evil.


If you agreed with two or more of the above questions, you might be a Sith. If you were affirmative on three or four of these statements, you might ask your local Imperial Recruiter about a signing bonus.

If you agreed with five or more of the statements, you might need therapy! Thanks for playing, and remember: whether you’re a winner or a loser, there’s a place on Team Evil for everyone. See: Doctor Horrible.

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