LotRO Update 6 Patch Note Overview

Update six–Shores of the Great River releases today for LotRO. Here is a concise ‘TLDR’ review of the most important notes, with a collection of other helpful links and a list of relevant dev diaries and additional information at the end. I’ll expand this as a reference when I find more useful information–there are always those practical everyone-needs-to-know things that pop up in these patches.


  • New zone–Great River, with seven areas extending from Lothlorien towards Rohan. 200 quests and a lot of new shinies. You need to finish book 5 to get book 6, which will take you to the Great River. Otherwise, just go to Lothlorien and find the path around the vineyards. It says “To Great River” on the region map.
  • Epic story continues, going back to Lothlorien.
  • Mechanics

  • Skirmish soldiers can be summoned on landscape, restricted to areas outside of high-population zones. Landscape soldier tokens provide one hour of soldier time. Get tokens from skirmish barterer or the store. The time you buy is stored time that is used only when your soldier is out! Dismiss your soldier when not needed to conserve your usage.
  • Commendation and Audacity system added to PvMP. See links below.
  • A new lock-on camera mode engaged by default with the ‘x’ key.
  • Legendary

  • Stat Tomes and Relic Removal Scrolls: all tiers of can now drop from the final bosses in scaled instances.
  • Melding recipes for the store exclusive relics can now be found in game on the Relic Forging Master.
  • Marks, Medallions, Seals, and Relic Currency, and Heritage Runes are all now bind to account.
  • Melding recipes for Tier 8 relics, Level 75 relics and Level 75 legendary items have been added.
  • New damage type scrolls available from vendors in the new zone. Deconning legendary items leveled up to 60ish or higher will give higher than Tier 4 relics now. Source.
  • Crafting

  • New recipes for Level 75 crafted relics are located on the Crafting Guild vendors. The Compendium of Middle Earth, Volume III, can be acquired via a reward for completing the daily repeatable quest “The Forges of Isengard,” given by Bron in Galtrev.
  • Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor are now available via Skirmish barter vendors.
  • Deeds, Skirmishes, Instances

  • Players may now exchange 50 Marks for 1 Medallion at the Currency Exchange NPCs found in the various Skirmish Camps across Eriador. There are also options to exchange for 10 and 50 Medallions.
  • Unique class titles have been added as rewards for the level 15, 30, 45, and 58 class quests.
  • Virtues have been extended to Rank 14. They are working but displaying improperly–this is a known issue at the release of update 6.
  • Fornost is closed for renovations (from the known issues.)
  • Other instances had minor updates, most notably Orthanc, where worn symbols of celebrimbor will now drop 100% on T1, and elder king has increased chances in T2, and will always drop in challenge. Cloak clasps have an increased chance to drop from Saruman.
  • The Skirmish instance quests are back, and will award gold, reputation, XP and IXP. This quest, unlike the old daily quests, will be awarded every time the Skirmish is completed, and will scale more accurately.
  • Classes

  • Wardens and Rune-Keepers updated greatly. See the dev diary links below.
  • Other classes had minor bug fixes and improvements. Highlights: Minstrel self-bubble reduced in power. Lore-masters now have a choice of two items that can go in their ranged slot: the Brooch of Rage and the Brooch of Regrowth. The Brooch of Rage increases the Lore-master pet’s critical rating while the Brooch of Regrowth increases the pet’s in-combat morale regeneration and evade rating. Both of these items are available via multi-output Jeweler recipes. Aside from the Tier 2 recipe which is available from the Novice Jeweler vendor, these recipes can be found via treasure for Tiers 3 through 7.
    New talismans are available for the Lore-master class: Talisman of Nature. These talismans will turn the Lore-master’s Spirit of Nature pet into one of the following: Sprit of the Raven, Spirit of the Bear, Spirit of the Lynx and Spirit of the Saber-cat. These talismans are made via a multi-output, single-shot Jeweler recipe. The recipe requires Friend standing with the Men of Dunland and can be found on the Dunlending Quartermaster in Galtrev. There are also a couple of stand-alone talismans that can be found as drops in the new instance.
  • Weavers and Wargs updated. See the dev diary links below.
  • Other

  • Dunlending Quartermaster now has a Travel to Galtrev skill, available to all players with Kindred standing.
  • New auction house category is called Task Items.
  • Lua plugin coding had many improvements. Check the patch notes.

Further Reading:

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