Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got The Buttons

Road To Mordor yesterday had a nice overview of Rohan from the information that we currently know. It’s nice to see the hype building. The screenshot linked at the bottom of this post is from the Massively comments. This anti-button attitude is truly terrible to see among the youth! It’s also partly why Elder Scrolls Online will only have a small handful of skills you can use at any one time aside from block, jump, and dodge.

I admit I was a little snarky and off-the-cuff there–an emotional reaction born from good intentions. There are perfectly logical and good arguments on all sides, especially in the case of the LotRO Minstrel, who was revamped. I actually agree with that facet of the remark. I couldn’t figure out my Minstrel either after Orion revamped it.

Maybe the 7 page dev diary would have helped me, but if I recall, I’m not sure that I knew it existed when I went to pick up my L63 Minstrel after months away from her. Minstrels today remain a very popular class, so the evidence holds that the revamp was a success.

Still, dumbed-down is not something I want, and I know young people are smarter than I am when it comes to games. They can cope if they make an effort. This is all about smashing orcs and burning zombies. It’s an art form, but it’s not like it’s advanced mathematics.

Why do I no longer play Rift or WoW? Kind of bored with them. What would make them less boring? It’s complicated, but character development is one thing i.e. complexity. The pillar of “Story” is misleading. The crux is the journey of the character. Horse development and weapon development are good also, (especially if one can keep them). Endgame gear tiers have never interested me.

LotRO looks to be in a good position right now. Even after five years, lots of people are complimenting how good the game looks, and Rohan is bringing enhancements to the engine. SWTOR has taken a bite of out LotRO in the story category, but even with F2P, SWTOR won’t be a 1000kg story gorilla. Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars 2 will cater more to PvP and a console style of playing an MMO.

Guild Wars 2 is holding its predecessor to account for its skill bar mold, while Elder Scrolls has been a console game since Oblivion. Is Bethesda designing with an eye to porting their MMO to the next gen? I would think so, and maybe so is ArenaNet. I’ll try these MMOs, but I’ll expect LotRO to be my go-to in the future.


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