Is Your Pet A Person Or Just More Damage?

I honestly went a long time without paying any attention to my Captain pet in LotRO. I didn’t even name him. He was just an Oathbreaker archer. He sat back and plinked. I noticed if he didn’t show up. That was about it. I tried naming him. I named him Mathilda.

No. I like Criss more, my skirmish soldier. She’s just a wildwoman.

My Lore-Master pets are different. Each has a special character, and they do special things. My black lynx, Bones, saw me through a lot of levels. She might be my favorite. The bog-lurker is goofy and makes loud crittery noises. He’s big and powerful. You can’t ignore his presence.

I almost feel guilty playing both pet classes in LotRO without caring enough about pets.

Do you care about your pets? Do you have one or two special pets? Do you feed them regularly? Do you take pains to give them a pleasing appearance, even if it means purchasing skins from the LotRO store? Do you give them cute names? Do you imagine your pets have private lives?

In the recent epic quests through Enedwaith with the Rangers, we saw that Oathbreakers are actually sentient, human-like beings who are not devoid of emotion even in death. In the most recent LotRO forum thread suggesting new races/classes in LotRO, I suggested Oathbreakers as a playable race–just like WoW Death Knights.

I felt like I owed it to Mathilda.

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