Riders Of Rohan: Hands On

Massively’s Road To Mordor has a nice article posted tonight about Riders of Rohan mounted combat, featuring a lot of new details including screens of the horse control panels. I call them control panels because that’s what they look like–all the configurations and controls you’ll need to build a well-oiled combat machine.

The most interesting thing is the new legendary item. What could be a legendary item for a horse? That’s a fascinating question. A blanket? A saddle? Horseshoes? (ed-it’s supposedly going to be a bridle.)

One thing I don’t like is full super-speed all the time. It seems a little unrealistic and contrived. I like the suggestion in the Massively comments–a stamina bar for a more realistic horse experience. The five speeds are nice for the style and animations, but why have them if the devs expect the players to rarely ever go slow because there is virtually no point?

As Justin Olivetti says, I’ve never heard of an MMO that successfully featured mounted combat as a serious and central gameplay mechanic (that means a lot more coming from him.) If Turbine can really pull this off, they will be keeping up with the Joneses, since their MMO competitors are bringing it this year–Funcom, Bioware, Arenanet, and Bethesda are pushing next-tech flagship MMOs to bear on the saturated market.

In other words, special game systems and designs with great programming are becoming more and more of a selling point when so many other old standard features like mail, housing, auction houses, and PvP zones are firmly in the ho-hum expected category at this point.

I’m still with Turbine for Rohan. Of the new MMOs, I admit to being interested in a more mature, polished, and feature-enriched SWTOR in the near future. I backed off of a new computer in favor of a new leather sofa (a girl’s gotta have her priorities), so I’m also waiting a bit on Secret World.

When there are a lot less players in six months, the Secret World will feel more secret right? A reduced $30 price tag will also be nice. I’ve got a new case fan to buy. (Or whatever–I’m not really looking forward to breaking out the pliers and soldering iron. Just kidding about the soldering iron.)

I could also mention that I’m currently working on a lot of LotRO skinning. If you like my Elven Adventuress UI, I have a new wood-and-flowers toolbar for that, and I minimalized the vitals for an overall sleeker appearance. I’m also spending a lot of time on developing a completely new LotRO skin named Crystals And Moonlight. It’s a midnight/electric blue interface with motifs of gemstones, crystals, tinkering, gears, and mining. It includes some new art like for the mailbox background (below).

It’s a little-known fact that elves are better mail carriers than hobbits.

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