Girls With Dragon Tattoos

did not loadI’ve been snarking about the over-use of dragons in video games lately. Dragon Age. Dragon’s Dogma. Skyrim. Guild Wars 2. WoW players recently finished off Deathwing in their Dragon Soul raid. Even LotRO recently put in another dragon raid with Isengard.

In WoW, you’re a scrub if you aren’t riding around on a dragon, and with the new revamp to Refer-A-Friend, dragon shape-shifting is still more in vogue (it was available before via the Archaeology hobby. Those poor archaelogists–they could have just referred a friend instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to get the Vial of Sands.)

I was recently looking at a video of a coming Asian action offering (the name escapes me) that shoe-horned dragons into their game in a way that made me flat out laugh.

Dragons are beyond the point of trite and overused. Rift is maybe the exception. Their big bosses are of course more dragons, but taken to an extreme of being extra-planar gods. You can’t argue with that being kind of cool.

When I saw the image above, I thought of another exception–an MMO that lets all players play as dragons. Something like that would be a mold-breaker. The point is to give dragons back their dignity. They’ve totally lost it as raid fodder and WoW mounts–whether rampaging or cute and tamed, they are still pimped for dollars. Even the dragons in Rift border on caricatures when you boil the lore and presentation down.

So. An MMO with a playable dragon race on the verge of extinction. A view from the other side with liberal irony and humor. Unfortunately the name World of Dragons is taken. The devs will have to think of something else (sigh).

LotRO has dragons. It just needs tattoos now. I support the suggestion threads on this. Criticisms tend to involve tattoos “not belonging” in LotRO, or “they don’t exist in Middle-Earth.” Both of those arguments are wrong.

The “not belonging” argument comes from a prejudice of tattoos born largely from the spectrum of modern American culture. I’m not a history buff on this, but I know full well that Japanese and some primitive cultures took a sacred stance towards tattoo, taking body modification into a level of ritual and rite of passage.

The primitive cultures of LotRO do have tattoos, including facial tattoos. I can’t remember if there was a quest text about them. So to those who say they don’t exist in Middle-Earth, have you played LotRO lately?

If you’re wondering where these tattoos are, check a few pics here. For more LotRO eye candy, VG247 posted some nice new Rohan pics yesterday.


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4 responses to “Girls With Dragon Tattoos

  • SoLaR

    Late reaction on this post..
    But there is a pre-WOW mmo that lets players use dragons. (Empire of Isteria {Or something like it})

  • Jacquotte

    You’re absolutely right, SoLaR. Thanks for the note. Apparently it’s free to download and play on a limited basis (you can play as a human for free but not a dragon, according to the YouTube video I watched.) If anyone is interested, Google “Empires of Isteria”.

  • GK

    Horizons. It was meh even back when it first came out. Playing as a dragon wasn’t immersive and the shininess wore off very quickly. I think a dragon shifter would be the way to go.
    Being tattooed myself I am always disappointed when a game won’t let me play 1) as a female and 2) with tattoos.

    • Jackie

      Hi GK, I hear you. I always wished they’d add tattoos to LotRO, since the native peoples wear them, but I guess it will never happen due to issues with the IP and the conservatism of the Tolkien estate, or whatever. That said, we can probably be thankful there are so many tattoo options in so many games nowadays. Thanks for the note.

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