Critical Miss: Shoulder Incapacitated

Critical misses.  They’ve never been a really popular game feature, and no game features them more prominently than life.  Last Saturday I wrecked my bicycle on a curb and broke my right shoulder blade.  Not a good idea.  Typing one-handed sucks, I can tell you that much.

I’ve discovered that it’s amazing how much this world is made for right-handed people.  I’ve got a left-handed keyboard coming from Amazon. It’s a plain, ordinary black one–only a handful of lefty keyboards are made today, and none of them are ergonomic, much less made for gaming.  From card readers to car ignitions to keyboards, it’s a right man’s world.

Hopefully with some therapy and luck I’ll be okay at some point for Riders of Rohan, even if only with a console controller.  LotRO has a +100% kills XP bonus this weekend by the way (a perma-rest bonus essentially) if anyone is trying to cap ahead of the expansion.  Secret World is supposedly on sale at Amazon.

TeeFury also has a really cool, cheap gamer nerd T-shirt available for the next six or seven hours.   If you’re not familiar with Teefury, the site offers a new unique nerdy T-shirt each day (24 hours?) by a new artist.  If you’re an artsy type with T-shirt ideas, you might also be interested in this as a way to get your work out there.

Whatever you pick for your poison this weekend, aim low and enjoy.


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