Torchlight 2 Release Date And Launch Trailer

I like underdog games. I like games that cost $20. I like games that run and look great on my old HP machine with its rattly fans and plaque-hardened arteries. I like games that let you play offline. I like games that don’t feature a real money transaction design, at the cost of the game’s integrity, for the sole purpose of profit for the developer.

Runic games announced a release date for Torchlight 2 today (Sept. 20), and with the announcement comes a really nice launch trailer (below). This trailer was so inspiring, I thought why not post it here on KittyKitty.

The new bi-gendered classes are wonderfully welcome, just like in Diablo 3, which all things considered I don’t really desire to play. (I did complete D1, D2, and Lord of Destruction.) I got a little bit into the original Torchlight–enough adventure to be intrigued by the successor, which is greatly huger than the original. I’ll be buying Torchlight 2.

More reading:

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Torchlight 1 vs. Torchlight 2 Comparison Graphic.


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