Rohan Kudos

I’m really enjoying Rohan so far. I proudly wore my hand-painted Rohan stud earrings to work on Monday. I finished them Sunday afternoon. I did some Gondorian white tree earrings a few weeks ago.

Rohan is a beautiful wide-open landscape that you might expect, but with the usual evil, marauding enemy warbands that are tracked for you on the mini-map. Those would be targets for ye olde mounted combat.

The NPC’s are especially well-characterized through the writing, a little more than the dwarves were for Moria, maybe. The Chance Thomas music is also a stately affair that reminds me that I’m playing a successful, top-tier MMO. Yes, familiarity can sometimes breed a lack of proper respect.

I was mainly inspired to write this post to give kudos for a little thing: the new female gender kinship titles. This was a player request in the forums during previous months, and Turbine delivered. Per the official patch notes, “Male-gendered kinship titles now have female-gendered counterparts. If you are a female Lord, your title will now be Lady, if you were a female Caun, your title will now be an Aranel, etc.”

This is a warm fuzzy. Sometimes it’s the little things. I’m curious what some of the other titles will turn into. Will female hobbit leaders still just be “chiefs”? Will the Man kinship “Master” turn into “Mistress”? Yes, please!

So. I’ve been so busy with updating and fixing my Elven Adventuress interface elements that I’ve yet to get further than the warhorse proving grounds, which is where I got during beta before my accident and broken shoulder put me out of gaming.

If I had to pick one thing I really like so far about Rohan, it’s the writing. At my audience with the Thane of Langhold, I noticed the writers taking a page from Bioware’s ego-stroking playbook. Frankly, a little respect pleases this adventuress. He didn’t even make me fetch sticks or truck supplies around!

Thane of Langhold: “Ah…the famous wandering Champion! Your reputation precedes you, Beldamire. I bid you welcome to Langhold. I am sure you will find plenty to keep you busy here, for we are beset by ruffians and wild creatures.”

Ah yes, the sound of a classic call to adventure, and I don’t even need a full voice-over to hear it loud and clear, which is the way J.R.R. Tolkien also did things. Based on everything I’ve seen and heard, Turbine deserves a lot of praise and dollars for this fine effort, and I hope they get them.


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