Quotes Of The Week

“Indeed, while most games have “log in” or “play” on their startup screen, WoW has “Enter World”. I wonder just how subtle of a difference that makes.”

~ Lethality commenting on The Decline of Worlds, Terra Nova blog.


“Planescape: Torment never revealed the second secret to great writing: nothing matches it before or after, in or out of the RPG sphere. Despite competent gameplay, Torment is best known for its story and characters, rendered phenomenally through immaculate dialogue.”

~ Kyle E. Miller for RPGFan Top Ten Best-Written RPGs


“I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate again recently, and it’s reignited my appreciation for RPGs that can properly kick your ass. There’s nothing quite like the quickload abusing challenge of trying to take down a lone polar bear without it wiping out half your party, deranged Beserker and all.”

~ Phil Savage for PCGamer.



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