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Massively posted an article on Neverwinter last night, but the new information (to me) came from the forums in the last week, a flood compared to the last months. Some of these things are positive and worth noticing. More classes than those currently announced are the biggest and best thing. The henchman system also sounds wonderful.

Where have I heard the “level with you” claim before? We’ll just have to see if Cryptic delivers. In old school Dungeons and Dragons, I remember you really needed to take your henchman or henchwoman along on every adventure if you wanted to keep them leveled. I assume there are rules for skipping that in this day and age, and likely in Cryptic’s Neverwinter.

I’ll quote the best Neverwinter bits below, then follow with some other quotes that were extra-interesting in the previous week. For more Neverwinter dev posts, just go to the forums and click the Dev Tracker subforum.

Also, don’t forget that the February edition of PCGamer has a Neverwinter exclusive, featuring a key code for an exclusive mount. This edition is supposed to hit news stands Jan. 8th.

“Henchmen are essentially AI companions that will fight alongside you. There will be a nice variety of henchmen and pets at launch that have a wide range of abilities. Some will heal you, some will tank for you, some will do some heavy damage, others are just quirky and interesting. Your henchmen will also level with you, and you can augment their abilities with enchantments and gear as well as change their appearance.

For the Foundry, we have been taking the philosophy that we do not want to charge authors for creating content. I believe we will have to limit the number of free campaign slots you get, but that is in place to prevent a flooding of our servers with bogus quests.

We want to allow PvP map creation in the Foundry, but this will likely happen after launch because PvP is one of the last features being added and we need a lot of lead time to add it to the Foundry.

Character creation is being fleshed out to allow more customization at the moment, but currently you can choose from several core D&D races (I’m not really sure how many will be in at launch). You can adjust all the body proportions as well as hair, eye and skin color. You can also add scars, tattoos, and other flairs to your character.

Currently you can pick between all the announced classes as well as a few unannounced classes. Each class additionally lets you choose a paragon class when you hit the right level, complete with its own feats, powers and gear. I don’t know if a freeform class option will be available at launch.” ~ Crypticmapolis, Senior Environment Artist on the Neverwinter Foundry team


“SWTOR basically slammed the door on the subscription model’s dick, while introducing some new noxious ways to implement free to play.” ~ TAGN


BLESS is a classic MMORPG in a medieval European setting. To us, the most important elements of an MMORPG are not only immersive graphics and combat, but also a strong setting, story and even NPC dialogue, all intertwining in a complex, yet engaging manner. You will be able to step into an entirely new world that is both believable and comprehensive, made possible by BLESS’s background story, which we have taken painstaking effort to build. In BLESS, you will be able to adventure with intriguing characters against a realistic backdrop. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, players will be motivated to engage in a variety of role-play scenarios. ~ Jacob Han speaking with MMORPG.com. More on the importance of story and choices in BLESS at Massively.


“Dorito-gate” ~ Angry Joe, Top Ten Gaming Controversies of 2012. For more information on this, watch the video starting 17:50, or read this long article on Kotaku. There are reasons I like to read/watch game bloggers like Angry Joe and the ones listed my blogroll, and not news sources that are paid journalism. I really like honesty, both in criticism and in honest enthusiasm for a good game title.


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