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Tonight I subscribed to the digital version PCGamer to read the February Neverwinter edition. It’s only $20 a year, much cheaper than individual physical copies. I found the Google Play service to be functional on the PC, although it’s designed to support Android.

The cover of PCGamer says “Neverwinter: The First True Dungeons And Dragons Video Game.” Right away I was trolled by this nonsense. How can they get away with these things? My snarky sense was tingling at square one.

The article starts off by saying that D&D has “one really bad feature film“. Actually, there are three Dungeons And Dragons films. Maybe Kat Bailey, the freelance writer, is saying that two of them are not bad. I like them alright.

It’s dark days at Helm’s Hold.” I wondered if this grammar should have passed the editor. The art throughout the article was really nice though. Nifty pictures is a D&D tradition.

I’ve noticed while watching the Neverwinter gameplay videos that the interface has the look and feel of D&D, the original Neverwinter, and maybe even Baldur’s Gate a little bit. I’m intrigued to look at the design more closely if I’m invited to the beta.

Neverwinter lacks a cursor“. In other words, you can use so few skills at one time that you’re using a couple hotkeys and your mouse buttons to fight. No clicking. No need. This is a console game. See this video at 2 minutes for a direct explanation with a visual.

There is some element of skill involved, but we still want it to be accessible...” Well, it’s comforting that at least some skill is involved.

The article also mentions carrying around gear sets for different roles. I’m not a huge fan of dragging around different sets of gear to boost different stats. In fact, I’ve never done that. I’ve rarely played my Runekeeper at cap in that Tolkien MMO because of all the effort involved in grinding up gear just to be able to play the game.

On the other hand, the article mentions clerics being able to swap spells for either healing or damage, so it isn’t just about the gear. This is very good. These two angles of approach together might form a trapezoid of character versatility that will be able to hold interest for a wide range of players.

That’s all the commentary for now! A traditional high school essay conclusion would say that I didn’t learn a whole lot that was new in this article, so there isn’t much to report. If you want to see it for yourself, a free trial of PCGamer at Google is free.


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6 responses to “PCGamer Neverwinter Article

  • iamthetruthseeker

    Jeez, what to say without breaking NDA….

    That gear sets carrying around is a load of crap…a lot like their understanding of D&D it seems.

    • Jacquotte

      Ok, I’d better clarify that the gear bit was actually in a quote from a Cryptic dev:

      “You will have multiple sets that you carry around with you depending on the situation,” Sparks says. (Referring to Lead Designer Zeke Sparks.)

      I think this mainly refers to tanking and DPS, so it probably sounds worse at first impression than really it is.

      I hope my comments didn’t sound too negative. I was mainly having fun making a new piece of comic art. 🙂

      I went back and made some edits to lighten it up a little. Thanks, Truthseeker.

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    Neverwinter Nights has been… over used as a title, in my opinion. There was the 2002 BioWare RPG, which is what most people think of. It was not an MMO. And there was also the 1991 AOL linked version of the game, which was an MMO depending on where you draw your lines in the sand.

    Of course, trying to link the Cryptic version to either of these seems like a pretty big stretch.

    • Jacquotte

      I might have been confused by what she said. I think I fail at being a game blogger, but luckily I’m not really trying to be a game blogger.

      Reading again, I also just noticed the article says “TSI” modules instead of “TSR” modules.

      • Wilhelm Arcturus

        You fail? I subscribe to PC Gamer Magazine… though I got it because another magazine folded… and the issue in question has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks, yet I learned all of this here.

        Anyway, it is a Forgotten Realms setting and I welcome any venture that increases the amount of FR references in the world.

  • Jacquotte

    Thanks for the support sir. It’s much appreciated. 🙂 Love the hat.

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