The Weekly Worm

In fourth grade, my teacher Mrs. Black had me do this special class project. I’d write a weekly illustrated newsletter for our class. So I did little drawings and wrote jokes and whatever brilliant journalism I could scribe in pencil, and the teacher would photocopy those and hand them out to the entire class.

That was a lot of pressure in fourth grade.

I remember that I had the idea to list the students who got a gold star as one of the “columns”. It turned out that only I and Lisa ever got gold stars, which was embarrassing. So I dropped that column as a dubious self-pleasuring exercise.

After about six weeks The Weekly Worm became more of a thankless task, a chore. I never heard anything like “Nice job, Jackie! Loved your article about Star Wars lunch boxes.” So I appreciate all of my readers and those who comment on Kitty Kitty.

The highlight of this last week for me was Scott Hartsman leaving Trion. I really hold Scott in high esteem, and I think he is a big reason for the esteem I have for Rift in terms of integrity. I’ve read through his Twitter and personal site, and I see no news as to where he is going.

Another tidbit I noticed this week came from Justin at Biobreak, with a quote from SOE President John Smedley suggesting we might see Everquest Next this year. Hartsman has worked most of his career on Everquest 2, so maybe he’ll be involved. Crazy notion.

In any case, I’m intrigued to see where Hartsman goes, and Everquest Next adds a third big MMO pouncing into the spotlight this year along with Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls of course announced beta signups this last week as well, so you might jump on that if you haven’t.

I’m hoping. I’ve been checking my mail every day. It’s a battle of the betas at this point. Neverwinter vs. Elder Scrolls.

The TESO signup questionnaire was impressive. If the game is as good as the signup sheet, Elder Scrolls might rock the world in 2013 like Keen is predicting (#8). Also this week, we heard that Trion will be publishing Archeage in western markets, which is another step towards planting paws on those exotic shores.

I almost forgot that Neverwinter put up a new dev blog about gear. I’d like to quip that the blog post about gear is as forgettable as gear itself, but even as a non-gear oriented player, I have to admit that I’ve had a few special pieces of gear that I do remember.

I remember a lovely Hunter spear that gave me guilty pleasure, although it didn’t last very long. My newer Rune-Keeper, however, has never held a memorable rock. Hunters are just sexier in general.

You know, not blogging about that Tolkien MMO is going to be more difficult than I thought, especially when it’s such an fun target. Maybe I could just stick to pictures.


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3 responses to “The Weekly Worm

  • iamthetruthseeker

    Always enjoy the weekly recap…except maybe the reminder this time of yet another legend gone: RIP Trion…

    And signed up on TESO applications also. Too early to say where it’s going or what was done yet without having insider info, but always give them a shot to wow ya.

    Speaking of, that, the NWO dev diary customization was not.

    Not quite epic fail, but yeah, too “treating tabletop D&D gamers who never touched a video game” level. Hardly worth burning in effigy though looking at some of the direct and linked article replies.

    As for a certain other MMO game from a company of constantly spinning blades, it reminds me kind of…an old thing:

    When Jay Leno was on the Tonight show and Amtrak would just fail and have horrible tragedies and be a sponsor, and Jay would joke on them until they “rage quit,” and all the jokes were done…then weeks later arrived.

    The same is sorta true with that game and trying not to vent through it, now it’s been dropped and we must move on…

    Anyway, like shooting at a dead horse or something 🙂

    Oh, almost forgot. Again, good work! Really. I once had to do things in front of the students in elementary school, and it only caused more mocking (which somehow the teacher though my speaking out for myself wound stop teasing. At least then they didn’t social media everything for maximum humiliation then.) So in a kinda worse way, I know what it is to be up with all eyes on you and try to get interest at best, not boredom or even derision at worst.

    Just know (if your talents are not forced upon others,) your contributions can find a place to be appreciated by those who truly care.

    See where you are now and what you do for your love of it, and people read it.

    Heck, a few of us even reply sometimes 😉

    So thank you, keep it up and look forward to next week if not sooner.

    [Now to remember this myself when I gotta keep the peace over in you-know what forum…]

    • Jacquotte

      Hi Truthseeker. Thanks for the comment. I remember those Jay Leno jokes about Amtrak, although I don’t watch him enough to have noticed a pattern. That seems like it was years ago. I’ve always liked how he covers current events and news in his monologue so you learn something while being entertained.

      Turbine is shooting its own horse. The promise of a major revamp of (apparently) how classes work is frightening. Some reasoning might be a) monetization and b) finally giving the ability to switch roles on the fly when queueing for intances, which is a big failure of the current system.

      Went and looked at the NWO dev diary responses and was shocked. Agree with you. Why are players so angry? It must be an interesting experience keeping the peace in a game forum. It could wear on one’s soul and one’s joy after a while.

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