Turbine’s Sci-Fi IP?

I’ve speculated for quite a while about Turbine’s next MMO, the MMO they’ve supposedly been working on. I won’t go into the history because I did that in another post around this time last year.

Recently we saw a mysterious button appear in the Tolkien MMO interface called the “Space Combat Panel”. This looked a lot like a quirky hint. Turbine doesn’t have a habit of throwing random things into their carefully lore-crafted game.

This last week I was browsing Glassdoor.com and noticed a reviewer of Turbine mention that Turbine has “fantasy/sci-fi” IPs. Well, they don’t have any sci-fi IP on record that I know of, technically speaking, unless you want to count the mechanical aspects of Eberron.

So what could be Turbine’s sci-fi IP, if the hints are solid enough add up to something? Warner Brothers has very recently announced an Odyssey-in-space movie project that they hope will turn into a future franchise.

That could be really interesting.

What else? Blade Runner is a bit short on space combat. Roswell doesn’t seem to lend itself well. The Wildstar MMO currently has the jump, thematically and storywise, on the lack of anyone else stepping up and making an MMO out of Firefly.

I feel confident that the American Wild West is a better mix with Sci-Fi than the Greeks, comparing to the Odyssey-in-space idea.

I don’t know, and it’s bedtime for the kitty. I’ve been hard at work in the last few weeks with my Web Design class and working on my new website, which I purchased the domain for last weekend.


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2 responses to “Turbine’s Sci-Fi IP?

  • wumpus

    The requirement that everything have as much cross licensing as possible seems only designed to prop up mediocre games by convincing people to buy into it without looking to closely (I get really frustrated with shopping for kid’s Christmas gifts. Expect at least three major IPs.)

    I’ve seen great games that exist because of obsessive devotion to IP (Baldur’s Gate I/II/IIb). I’ve seen great games that got there partially because of the lack of IP (No One Lives Forever was presumably pitched as a Bond game). I think they are better off with the freedom to tinker with the game (high level DDO players wore no armor from 2007-2011 because the d20 gaming system doesn’t work well at level 20 in normal events, and worse in the Monty Haul schemes of DDO).

    There is also the issue that both LOTRO and DDO have specific lifespans written into their contract. Asheron’s Call is still going strong, so in the unlikely event that Warner doesn’t override with the idea of “IP is everything”, that is a strong argument against using some cannned IP.

    • Jacquotte

      That’s a good point about Monty Haul and DDO. One point that I didn’t make, because I was wary of discussing about this Glassdoor information in the first place, was that another reviewer says that “The flexibility of new IPs would bring in a lot more talent and opportunities to grow, but no one has the vision.” That was in 2011, so it would imply the ongoing next MMO project is not a new IP.

      Another point that could be noted of course is that this MMO was started before the acquisition by WB, so WB is less necessarily related to the IP than one could expect. Thanks Wumpus.

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