In Cold Blood

I downloaded APB Reloaded yesterday. I couldn’t run it at launch due to system requirements. Now I can, and now it’s F2P. The character creator is amazing. The hairs are gorgeous. I love the character creation music too.

The NPCs in the tutorial area have more substance than any character I’ve met yet in Neverwinter. Imagine logging into this full-on PvP gang bang game and being confronted by a wall of character backstory text.

I was like, totally LMAO. Yanno.

So. It looks like it might get boring quickly, but in the beginning it’s fun. Plus, I’m drop dead gorgeous, and I have a semi-automatic weapon, so what more could a girl want. APB Reloaded is like a MMO version of Saint’s Row.

I need to find a guide, though. I keep logging out because I don’t know what to do. Sometimes those floating exclamation points are useful. Also, compared to GTA the driving minimap is like WTF?

Yeah, I’m picking up the APB lingo already. Getting down with my homies.

Tumblr (the social blogging platform) is a lot easier. You just sign up, click buttons, and look at thousands of pictures. Sometimes you find some gems, like the image below. My APB character is named Queensnake, and she is also “cold-blooded“.

Argonian - Did Not Load


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