Elder Scrolls Video Leaked 4/14

A short time ago, a first twenty-minute video was leaked from the Elder Scrolls beta. Massively reported it (which seems like questionable ethics for Massively?). The video was immediately taken down, but it is also hosted on another gaming site here.

So, check it out if it’s still there. I did click this link to make sure it is working. The site looks a little slow.

A lot of people had negative things to say on Massively, but I really liked what I was seeing. It’s a very realistic, immersive game world. You can die from a couple wolves, unlike in Neverwinter, where can slaughter groups of enemies with no problem even at level two or three, a fact which I don’t like because it isn’t realistic.

I do not need to feel like a walking goddess at level two. One or two musty skeletons should be enough for a fresh-faced young halfling.

The sounds in the video are great. The music especially struck me as being classic, calm orchestra music which I prefer in an MMO. This is in stark contrast to Cryptic’s style in Neverwinter, where I actually turned off the music in the character creator, turned it on in the game, then turned it off again.

I did not hear a combat music track in TES:O beta, either, which is a relief. I always have the music off in that Tolkien MMO, even with the great Rohan soundtrack that I’ve never listened to, because I can’t stand the over-excited combat track that kicks in, as it has for the last five years.

The voice-overs also seem well done. I thought they had developed the minimal interface into something more MMO-like and less like the Skyrim interface that was much maligned. That doesn’t seem to be on display here. Surely they will at least be showing proper buff durations in TES:O, especially since PvP is in play.

Too bad someone felt the need to get their beta invite and immediately break the NDA (if that is what happened), but without any invitation extended to the kitties, we have as much sympathy as moon sugar in the wind. This is the way of the kitty.


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