Defiance Pilot: Must See TV

I watched the pilot episode of Defiance tonight.  It’s currently available online at, full length with no commercials.  The show features a cast of great characters and actors with a very interesting post-apocalyptic setting.

I’ve visited St. Louis a number of times, and the difference in the alien-terraformed terrain was actually jarring (St. Louis is flat heartland with a river running through it–no mountains, waterfalls, or canyons, of course.)  Some people have criticized the special effects.  Some were great, some were not so much, but overall this is a truly spectacular achievement for a 90-minute pilot sci-fi show.

My only niggles are that more backstory would have helped, as well as one loveable Kaylee-type character. The HBO series Deadwood has the same scenario as Defiance.  Everyone is tough, hard-edged survivor type, and if they aren’t, then they aren’t a main character (at least in this episode).  As far as the lore, an article on AfterEllen helped me out a little bit with what’s going on.

I’d definitely like to see some more episodes, and I’d like to check out the MMO at some point just to spend time with Nolan and Irisa if nothing else. If you missed this show on its premier night and you’re even 25% a sci-fi fan, I would recommend going and checking it out.


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ET interviews Julie Benz re: tough female characters 04/15/13


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