Weekly Wyrm May 26, 2013

Last week was a weird, weird gaming week. On Monday I realized that two of my e-books had been ripped off and reposted for free download.

The announcement of XBOX One then came on Tuesday, and reports say that Microsoft is putting a hurt on used games, enough that Gamestop shares dropped 17% in the following days. From now on, XBOX games will supposedly be registered and playable by one owner account only, even within a family unit.

Having been pirated, I feel an inner conflict. I have to sympathize, despite the war on friends and family. If I have the choice to publish my creative work on a 99% guaranteed pirate-free platform offered by Microsoft, or on a platform that allows anyone to rip off and repost my stuff (the Amazon Kindle system for example), I’d go with Microsoft.

Not because I’m a whore for the occasional nickels and dimes I get for my short stories. I actually believe theoretically in free shared creativity. It’s unacceptable, however, for other people to take over my work to drive traffic to their skeevy websites and their highly suspect India-hosted download service, or whatever.

Angry Joe had a lot to say about XBOX One (or “XBone” as people are calling it) on Tuesday. I’ve visited his site every day since then hoping to see more, but maybe he has collapsed into an exhausted depression. I could be entertained watching him sleep, really.

Live Joe-cam? The kitty might pay for a hot cup of Joe. Depending.

I played a little Neverwinter this week, but I’m not making any real effort until new classes come. I’m starting to be afraid though that a Neverwinter ranger can’t possibly be as good as my GW2 ranger or Rift Rogue, and a Neverwinter druid class might fall a little short of every other druid class in the past decade.

This is an interesting issue. I also checked out the Neverwinter Foundry, but I just don’t have time between school and my real creative work. I logged into LotRO last week as well, one week after quitting. I logged in, looked at the “hobbit present” icon, and logged out. Uninstalled.

Still, I might re-install some day. Why?

I logged in because Knights of the White Lady was doing a big membership purge, and I suddenly didn’t want to get purged. It hurted us, precious. You need to earn sponsors to get into the Knights and not get kicked out again. I didn’t apply for two years because of that policy, and finally I bucked up and survived it. I was fine.

Knights is a great guild with wonderful people, but it’s still a little hypocritical.

Its motto is “people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations (gay, straight, bi or transgender) can feel at home.” Well, not if you’re judging them non-stop as soon as they set foot in the door. This is something I’ve always wanted to say, but never did.

I’ve heard people say that their guild is the only reason they play a given MMO anymore. That has never happened to me until now. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the guilds in which I participated, and figured I could find a new one if need be. When threatened to be inactive-purged from the Knights, I realized that I did not want that to happen.

So, I have to admit a possibility that this guild could drag me back to LotRO some day, *if* they don’t kick me out before then for not logging in. That is probably not likely since I rebelled, as is my nature, against a simpering “don’t kick me because I’ll be back” note in the roster, which would not be entirely honest.

I do not understand that purging policy. It has surely cost them quality membership over time.

This weekend I am playing Skyrim. I’m enjoying exploring the mountain wilderness. Last night I searched for a half hour online for a secret leaked beta video for the Elder Scrolls MMO. I couldn’t find one, but TESO will supposedly be playable at E3.

Hopefully on June 11-13 we will see a lot more of TESO, and also more information on Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One games. Ciao for now. Happy gaming.


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