If Lara Croft Was A Guy

Lara Croft Male Gender BendI saw this digital artwork on Tumblr last night. Since Kitty Kitty is a LGBT-friendly blog, I thought I’d share.

The full set of Lara-boy images is here, and you can jump from there to ULYSSES0302 on DeviantArt. I won’t direct link that due to adult content, although DA should auto-censor for non-members.

These images made my third eye open, and then my brain exploded out through my third eye. It’s such a different vision.

I’m usually fine with sexploitation in games (like Saint’s Row), but it’s easy to get so used to seeing the female figure that you don’t notice.

I didn’t find the current Rift splash screen to be offensive with Crucia in her underwear, but there was a big complaint thread in the forums after the F2P launch.

I don’t know the Storm Legion story yet, but dragons do go around naked, and Crucia is a dragon goddess, so let’s be realistic. Shapeshifters end up naked. Even the best French spandex can’t handle dragon gams.

In related news reported yesterday by VG247, Saint’s Row 4 was denied classification (and therefore release, I take it) in Australia because of an alien anal probe gun usable on ordinary citizens.

Again, thank you Saint’s Row for the equal opportunity.

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