Weekly Wyrm ~ July 16, 2013

Summer classes are over at last! This means lot of time to play games, undertake the daunting task of “catching up” in Rift, and also write some blog posts. Right? Wrong.

A: Welcome Back To The World Of I Can’t Play This Game

As soon as I invested a heap of cash in Rift unlocks, I started experiencing constant lag. By lag, I mean hitches and screen-stoppages about every minute. I haven’t had a single issue playing any game on my new computer in the last several months until now.

All of my gaming hours over the last week have been oriented towards solving this problem. I’m in the process of trying everything: monitoring my CPU and network, disabling windows services and uninstalling anything else that might be an issue, scouring the forums for people with similar problems, etc.

I still don’t have an answer, but the consensus on the Rift forums is that Rift lacks optimization. It only uses one core, which I can attest from spending ample time staring at a green graph showing one core high while my three others are languishing.

I’m currently re-installing Rift on my hard drive instead of the SSD. I really don’t want to deal with the cable internet people. Nothing is touching my cable broadband in terms of maxing it, anyway, based on the traffic. I’ve just downloaded the entire 10.5 GB base game in forty-five minutes.

Why only 10.5 and not the 15 that I un-installed? Wonderful, something else to worry about. Maybe Rift is downloading on the fly or using my computer for P2P.

While Rift was re-downloading, I watched Escapist videos. That was a mistake.

B: Cranky Kitty

First was Lisa Foiles doing top five cowboy games. Emphasis on “boy”.

None of those games offer a playable cowgirl, and the only women I saw in the entire video were a half-dressed prostitute, a sidekick, and a cute blonde fronting gaming news while entertaining boys by being portrayed as stupid while underdressed and dancing with a Wii.

Fabulous. Lisa does a fine job, by the way. I am not knocking her abilities and assets. She entertains better than I do, obviously.

The highlight of the week so far is cartooning at my desk at work on breaks, so I have a new episode of Forsaken Inn of Unplayable Races on the way. I also have a 740-calorie cherry pie hot and waiting to drown my lag frustration. That’s right, boys: a hot and waiting cherry pie.

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