Weekly Wyrm ~ September 3, 2013

The highlight of this week is the Elder Scrolls butt slider. I’m calling it now.

This is actually something I could buy the game for. Just to shape my butt the way I want, because two workouts a week is not enough. Yes, my blog header makes me look hot, but that’s only because Yolari is an amazing artist.

I’m a good writer, which is how I can write a blog post and train a cat girl via Skype at the same time. But not play Final Fantasy XIV because I knew it would be another train wreck (speaking of cat girls). Recent article here.

I still can’t believe how many people got sucked back in. I was 100% sure at launch that they would never fix that game. I’ve only played the FFXIV:ARR beta, and it looked good. I just don’t believe that whole game is that way. We’ll see. Clearly there are a ton of FF fans who deeply want to live in this world, and I hope for their sakes that it comes out wonderful.

I haven’t played anything in recent days, not even Rift. I’ve just been too busy, and will continue to be. I will make a push to hit cap for the Rift expansion during the upcoming holidays. The Rift newbie guide is still going very strong, indicating strong interest continuing. I would bet word of mouth is pulling WoW players over every day.

I got an invitation for the LotRO Helm’s Deep beta, but so far I still have no desire to go back, especially when I do a quick rundown of why I left. I am mainly curious as to how the new trait trees will pan out.

Yolari still has another comic sitting around almost completed. I’d like to get that up and posted to reach a stopping point. I don’t see myself blogging much in the near future, unless I lose my job for some reason.


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