Weekly Wyrm ~ Sept. 25, 2013

Tonight, I read an article about Neverwinter on Massively. I saw “lockboxes” in the title. I haven’t even thought of a lockbox in a couple months. I feel dirty, like my brain has been invaded.

The hardest-hitting bit in the article:

“What isn’t going so hot, he (Velasquez) admits, is communication with the playerbase as to what the team is doing to fix Neverwinter on a week-to-week basis. News releases regarding flashy new store sales or lockbox packages have overshadowed the regular Thursday bug fixes..”

There’s all the reminder I need of why I’m not playing LotRO or Neverwinter. Instead, I’m writing a snarky ex-MMO player blog post.

I’m going to hit 60 in Rift. I miss my LotRO characters though. The story in Rift is missing. I hardly know what it is.

I notice the Neverwinter additional classes haven’t appeared either. When Cryptic promised the extra classes would be free, they were doomed. We’ll probably see them packaged in some sort of expansion pack to sneak around the issue.

Speaking of which, Turbine is carrying on their glorious tradition of how they handle promises to their players. Now it’s the main story, which was promised to be free to play, and was through Rohan, now no longer. Sauron says: use your credit card.

Yolari brought Dragon’s Dogma over for me to play on PS3. Yolari and her hottie both enjoyed the ride and finished almost simultaneously.

I’m transforming uber-slowly into a web developer. I’m seeing the light on CSS3/HTML5/Javascript instead of Flash, which everyone says is eternally doomed. I don’t believe it. Flash will make some sort of comeback. The corporate maneuvering and power plays that comprise the history of web development is depressing. Yes, Adobe can annoy, but Microsoft, well.

Actionscript 3 (Flash) was annoying to program with. I’m now working through my second Javascript tome. I love Javascript. I love Javascript. I love Javascript. I’ll keep telling myself that while my frontal lobe slowly implodes.

So I plan to work on my own RPG. I have ideas. I have art. I have writing. Maybe I’ll talk about them when I have a coding implementation strategy.

Until then, I’m playing an online game that is inspiring me a little bit, as in “yes, I think I can strive to make a better RPG than that”. The game is called Corruption of Champions. Don’t Google that unless you are an adult (really adult) and like such things as being “defeated” and impregnated by a giant insect with versatile appendages.

I saw insect stuff when I was a teenager, and it became a very vivid fantasy for me. I’m not kidding. The movie was called Galaxy of Terror, if you need a preview.

And I think that’s enough information on what the kitty has been up to. Happy gaming. Hoping to be back in Rift as soon as I’m fluent in Javascript. Hahahahaha.


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2 responses to “Weekly Wyrm ~ Sept. 25, 2013

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    “I miss my LotRO characters though. The story in Rift is missing.”

    That is the one Turbine trump card in my book, the thing that keeps me going back, that in addition to the world being a beautiful place, you really get a sense of your role in it.

    • Jackie

      This is so true. “Character” in a fiction-writing nuts and bolts sense is best developed when characters interact meaningfully and come into conflict with each other. This drives liking and attachment to your character in a game.

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