Leaping Tiger Style

Jade Empire is on sale for $3.75 for the next several days on Steam. I have a lot of nostalgia for this game. It’s a Bioware RPG, a one-off from the old days. I still have the boxed game for PC, which I completed.

I loved JE for the great characters, especially the strong, heroic, playable female protagonists. JE offers good and evil choices of gameplay (see here for more info and details).

If you skipped JE or have never heard of it, and you love real, immersive RPGs with meaningful choices and good characters the likes of which are scarcely seen today, you can hardly go wrong for $4.

Going wrong. LotRO. Helm’s Deep. Delayed due to power outages. Power outages. Power rangers. The new Neverwinter ranger class in beta. Halfling was the only race I really liked in beta. I realized tonight that I’m not playing a Halfling druid or paladin because I’m old school, so this means (drum roll):

I can go ahead and try a Halfling ranger in Neverwinter.

So, I’ve decided to do that as my Rift alternative. If I can’t handle the NW F2P (90% chance), and I can’t bring myself to go back to WoW again, then I may go back to LotRO simply because it’s the only thing left after not being able to stick with Neverwinter, GW2, or Secret World. I’m really “waiting for” World of Darkness.

I put solid time into the spectrum. I need to be playing games in order to keep blogging credibly about games. End of story. And I’ve already paid for Helm’s Deep. I’m owed something for my money.

I could hide the hobbit present (and hobbit mail …) icons behind my minimap. And not wear my glasses when I play so all the store buttons on the interface just look like cute sparkly little dots.

Tonight I made level 57 in Rift. I also planted some cacti and lily pads in my hidden valley, which is called (RP) – Shimmersand Bandit Facility. Feel free to visit me if you want via the Rift Dimension search panel, but keep in mind it’s the headquarters of my “evil” RP guild, the Serpent Sisterhood.

In other words, if you’re not there to do a nefarious bandit deal, I will try to kill you. Ok, maybe I’ll check to see if you’re roleplaying first.

Here are a couple screens below. It was a lot of work/fun building this. If you’re clueless on “Dimensions”, these are just Rift’s version of housing. You can get one at like level 5 via a tutorial.

My sky-pirate landing platforms still need a bit of work, and the image shows my scaffold pieces. As it stands, the map is carefully designed to offer equal opportunities for two-team PvP, capture two flags, with each team starting on a platform. Hopefully Rift will do the planned PvP support for Dimensions at some point.

Dimension Image

And my pretty pond, where dead bodies of trespassers might get fed to the plants from time to time.

Dimension Image


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2 responses to “Leaping Tiger Style

  • j3w3l

    I really want to get into the dimensions, it looks like an amazing creation system… need to actually level a character though.
    It would be cool if they allowed them to be pvp maps, i remember Trion taking forever to actually make one when i did play. Would be fun to challenge friends too

    • Jackie

      It *is* an awesome housing system! And being able to play them as PvP maps would be amazing. I just got some new dimension item loot last night from some random critters. Need to go place them somewhere to see how they look. It doesn’t take long to get a dimension. Finish the tutorial, then somewhere around the start zone there will be a starter quest, or in the capital city you might be able to get it. The first little shack you get isn’t going to knock your socks off though. Just a teaser really.

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