More Rockstar Feminism Fail

In my last post I’d played through the first four chapters of Max Payne 3 and found only two significant female characters: a rich bimbo who turns into the stereotypical Princess Pink who gets kidnapped, and a nameless prostitute in a bar who gets assaulted.

I’ve played through three more chapters to reach the halfway point of the game. I’ve found three more female characters now: a secretary, a dead secretary, and a bunch of strippers. I’m not kidding. I’ve posted some pics below for your enjoyment.

Aside from Max’s dead wife, this is the female cast of characters in Max Payne 3. I’m not a game intellectual like the above-linked, well-funded Anita Sarkeesian, but I know when something is ridiculous.

I really like the cinematic shooter experience, which is why I like the Max Payne and Mafia games. I was hoping Rockstar would maintain the Max Payne tradition, but they’ve clearly thrown it into the chauvinist toilet along with GTA.

I want to try GTA online (released back in October) because miraculously it lets you play a Rockstar game as a female character, even if you get hit on and asked for sexual favors as soon as you start the game. #WTF

Unfortunately, you have to buy GTA V in order to play GTA online, which I categorically refuse to support. It’s time to either do SWTOR or get back on track with getting my last two levels in Rift’s Storm Legion.

The women of Max Payne 3 through seven chapters: kidnapped and eventually killed bimbo, nameless assaulted prostitute, secretary, killed secretary, and a bunch of strippers.

This stripper pic is the most tame I could take if you’re into that sort of thing. To be clear, this is still a good game if you ignore these issues.

secretary image in Max Payne 3

dead secretary image in Max Payne 3

stripper image in Max Payne 3

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3 responses to “More Rockstar Feminism Fail

  • Mike S

    I’m going to give the Final Fantasy IV reboot a shot. I’m burned out on WoW, RIFT, SWTOR, GW2, and I hear good things from non-FF fanboy/girls.

  • Mike S

    Oh, and FYI, you’re very right about feminism. The problem is it is about money. The majority (and I mean vast) of gamers are male, and so they make games gratuitously targeting men. Sad, I know, but it’s sort of how the world works, I suppose. Anyhow, I enjoy your blog, and it has helped me out a couple of times.

    • Jackie

      I feel that statistics have shown ratios of 60:40, but it depends on the kind of game. GTA games are closer to 15%. One could point out that targeting men doesn’t have to men targeting teenagers and cavemen. This is a big topic, and I don’t want to get cranky on a Friday night. FFXIV:ARR is a huge improvement over the original. The character creator is amazing and beautiful. How many games let you pick a character voice anymore? I’m still not over the original launch a couple years ago. It was terrible beyond forgiveness for me personally, but one has to give them a lot of credit and respect for persisting and fixing that game no matter what the cost. Thanks for the comments, Mike. Have a good gaming weekend. I’m patching for a closed beta that I’ll be enjoying. 🙂

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