Elder Scrolls NDA Dropped: For The Pros Only

A bunch of Elder Scrolls beta articles showed up on Escapist and Massively today. Apparently Zenimax is letting the paid pro writers talk all they want now about the game, and the small-time writers, bloggers, and everyone else have to keep their gags on.

This is clearly a tactic to try to get the most favorable press possible: only allowing people to write who are paid, and probably paid either now, in the future, or in the past by the game company for advertising.

This is brilliant. This is also very lame. I have nothing to say, because I can’t. So go read the even-handed, well-leashed pro articles, and read this one first: The Elder Scrolls Online beta is absolutely nothing special.

Claw to the face, corporate people. Thank the goddess Zenimax isn’t getting away with this tactic completely. Today, I’m Eliot Lefebvre’s biggest fan.

Today at work, I’d talked myself into pre-ordering Elder Scrolls this weekend, because I really miss my elves. For the elves, I literally said to myself. And for the drama. Corporate bullcrap wasn’t the drama I was looking for when I came home.

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