WoW Sweetens Deal With Auto-Level Professions

Joystiq reported today that the World of Warcraft auto-level perk, which is received either with a Draenor pre-purchase or for $60 in the cash shop, will supposedly also level your primary professions to 600 if the character is level 60 or above.

This is very important news. I’m not complaining since I have a lot of catching up to do, but this throws a goblin wrench into my strategy.

I finally settled on abandoning my three existing level 80s, leveling my 79 Druid by gathering, leveling my 60 Death Knight by questing, and auto-leveling my 65 Mage auction house alt, who does Tailoring and Inscription.

Coldsprocket, my gnome Mage, is level-locked on her crafting since WoW gates crafting tiers by level. Auto-leveling her would unlock more tiers of crafting to play with. I enjoy crafting, gathering, and playing the AH.

Now with the professions thrown into the rocket launcher, I can’t unlock more tiers on my crafting alt since the professions will be leveled too. And I can’t turn down getting jewelcrafting and alchemy auto-maxed on my intended DK main.

This wastes 20-30 hours I already spent on my new DK’s crafting in the last few weeks. I should also consider switching in blacksmithing, which is a horrible grind otherwise. I don’t know what to do.

The irony is that I’m playing WoW right now in the first place partly to get away from the micro-transaction madness. Now I have to go back to the chessboard to find a plan. I’ll be pondering and gnashing my teeth for weeks, probably.

Elder Scrolls

In other news, ESO posted a wonderful article on the composers and music for Elder Scrolls Online. Per the article, the soundtrack should be available on iTunes. I really enjoyed the music in the beta.

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5 responses to “WoW Sweetens Deal With Auto-Level Professions

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    The veteran reward for leveling up a character 60 or over to get your trade skills up as well is a very tempting offer. Right now my 68 DK, who I intended for jewel crafting, is a front runner for my insta-90.

  • wumpus

    MMOs without a cash shop? Took me awhile, but as far as I know, Eve doesn’t have one nor would one really work there. Oddly enough, Turbine’s energizer bunny of MMOs, Asheron’s Call, is equally unlikely to get a cash shop (with no development since something like 2006, I think this is a fair bet). Googling got depressing and I quickly gave up.

    Oh, and you can probably find plenty on GOG without cash shops (and DLCs either required or included). I suspect that cash shops are the first thing designd into a MMO these days: the catch is that the “hackers in a garage” groups are most likely dependent on them (without the ability to create enough content to justify a subscription) and the big boys have backers who wouldn’t think of letting them make a game for the few who want subscriptions. I’ve mentioned my preference for the early-DDO-f2p “a la carte” system, but I’ve seen how a cash shop will obviously take over a game: let one in and the shop is seen as “revenue” and the game is seen as “cost”. The only real hope is a game (like Eve) where a shop won’t work (a la carte might still be possible, but I doubt it. DDO was an odd ideal case for that (with players who bought modules in the day) and still didn’t work).

    Mobile, Occulus Rift, “good enough” graphics engines all give small developers ways to create games that EA,Blizzard/Activision, and the like won’t touch. I just don’t think that subscriber MMOs without cash shops is one of them (with the obvious exception of “Eve-killers”).

    • Jackie

      When I looked at the WoW store, which I’d never done before until a few days ago, I was shocked as to how limited it is. It’s a kiddie thing with some mounts and pets, and that’s it. And the kids are certainly riding around Darnassus with their new double-barreled cash shop dragons. This new thing is a new category. Shop creep, as integrity erodes away into the sea of greed because everyone’s doing it.

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