Where Are The Vampire Video Games?

bela lugosiLast week TAGN reported that CCP revealed financials involving an unspecified loss of 21 million in game code assets last year.

This week CCP is pushing the hype for Eve Valkyrie featuring Sony’s VR (virtual reality) headset. CCP just fired a bunch of World of Darkness staff, but they clearly have money to invest. They are putting it elsewhere.

Blizzard kicked World of Darkness in its pointy whities by grabbing its acronym for Warlords of Draenor. Bullyzzard also announced pre-orders for Draenor several months in advance of its launch, conveniently right before Elder Scrolls takes the stage.

Bullyzzard also threw Hearthstone and their Diablo III expansion onto the short bus of corporate blood and diversionary hurt. Vampires love blood and hurt, just like most Americans. So where are the vampire games?

According to a report I found online, Hollywood earned $7 billion on vampire-related entertainment in just two years between 2008 to 2010. That was mostly Twilight and True Blood.

Meanwhile, the list of vampire video games on Wikipedia is a forlorn tomb of outdated no-names and barely profitable games. Are game developers afraid of this difficult history, even after Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries? Are the fan bases for vampires and video games that divergent?

I don’t get it. This unhappy vampire fan is seeing CCP pouring money into VR shortly after slashing and burning the World of Darkness staff. So to be continued, I suppose, when CCP gets around to giving real news to passionate fans who have been waiting nigh an eternity for this bloody game.

The Challenge 15 Picks Up Steam

In other news, it was so nice to see TAGN pick up the 15 theme from my last post. Some other intrepid bloggers have jumped on the challenge, including Isey at I Has PC today. Thanks again to lvlinglife for getting it the idea going. I’ve really enjoyed reading peoples’ lists.

Blizzard Bully Tactics Whiplash

My Druid has reached L85. She is now grounded in Pandaria.

At first I felt forced to buy the Draenor pre-order for the L90 boost, but then I realized I already paid $42 for three months to level my characters the old-fashioned way. Also, why wouldn’t I spend $50 on ESO or Wildstar instead?

Decision made: no pre-order until after the competition weighs in. ESO supposedly has a vampire skill tree if desperation for blood afflicts me.

Elder Scrolls Online: Launch Looms

ESO head start is coming this Sunday. I was reading the MMORPG forums last night, and someone linked an epic post by a blogger and longtime beta tester who has now bailed on the game.

The cited reasons are the whole shebang of my objections and concerns as well, in well-documented detail–all the reversals/lies, the UI failures, the crushing of the hopes of the modders by gutting the API, etc. It’s all there, and it’s decent reading if you are interested.

The best forums rebuttals to Isarii’s criticism, in my opinion, are the ones accusing burnout after months of beta testing. I can refute that by saying I only played three betas for a handful of hours each, and I agree with most of the points.

Note the mention of bugs as well. ESO announced today that they squashed three progress-blocking bugs at the last minute. Wonderful. Good luck with the launch, which is guaranteed to be polished and lag-free.

All of that said, I hope the launch goes wonderfully for them, and I hope ESO is a success. I will certainly be joining sooner or later at the right time and price point.

Ok, time to play Hearthstone dailes. If you made it this far, happy gaming.

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5 responses to “Where Are The Vampire Video Games?

  • Isey

    Vampires – such a good point – I fondly remember putting hours in Vampire: The Masquerade. I avoided Dark because of the terrible reviews but seriously.. its a HUGE opportunity. Maybe gaming publishers are nervous they can’t capture teenage vampire/human love/crush correctly in a gaming format. =)

    I am also staying away from ESO and WildStar at launches. I don’t get into the MMO hype train anymore – although I am loving the look and feel of the Medic class in Wildstar, we’ll see how it all plays out. I don’t like twitchy gameplay in MMOs (I know, I know that is the way they are all going…)

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    Zombies seem to be the undead of the moment. So many zombies. But you cannot really play as a zombie, they are only fodder for shotguns and chainsaws.

    To paraphrase Otto from the Simpsons, “Do you have anything written from the vampire’s point of view?”

    • Jackie

      You *can* play as a zombie in “Stubbs the Zombie” (2005). It got good reviews in its time, but going undead and gnawing human flesh just isn’t very popular I guess!

      @Isey – Right? You make a good point that there is a rating dilemma from the beginning. And to get to the Twilight fans you’re going to need both genders playable. Medic class sounds interesting. Does Wildstar have anything with pointy ears? I suppose that would be a plus. Thanks for the note. 🙂

  • commenter formerly called wumpus

    No vampires in ESO? I guess they aren’t bothering with Tamriel after all.

    Still busy with Saints Row 2. Thanks for the tip!

    • Silverangel

      Hi wumpus, ESO does have a vampire skill line, but last time I checked the vamps are uuuugly. Otherwise, I could just go play Skyrim. Glad you’re liking SR2! I wish now I’d bought it, actually, because I never finished it on the PS3. I’m sure it will be on sale again. 🙂 Have a good weekend.

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