Elf In Real Life: Advice From Galadriel

galadriel image
Last week I played Jedi Academy and a bit of LotRO. I continue to suffer chronic abdominal pain that appears aggravated by chair-sitting and stress.

So gaming has been curtailed, although I’ve spent more time mentally designing my own web-based game, which I might undertake when I’m feeling better.

I realized this week that the Faery faith is not very rewarding for humans. Faeries are chary, mischievous, and often of the dark variety.

Meanwhile, my inspirational shamanic vision recently was of a unity of life connected to a goddess entity.

While in pain, like the men and women of old, I seek solace, love, someone who cares about me. I can see how persuasive the Christian faith must have been in those days when compared to the alternatives.

I’ve never connected with the Lord and Lady of the old witch faith as caring individuals, rather closer to the Greek gods, representing primal forces of love, the hunt, and fertility.

Journey To See Galadriel

Yesterday a hypnotherapist sent me on a journey on an ancient leaf down a river into a cave. I saw elven script over the archway entrance, and inside I was instructed to meet an all-knowing source, which appeared pleasantly in my mind as Lady Galadriel, the Queen of the elves.

Galadriel counseled that the way to peace was through prayer to the gods and through love, specifically loving others. She pointed out my childhood trauma and suggested that I should love my mother.

Today I happened to visit an Orthodox Christian monastery, which was very interesting (all women must wear skirts and scarves, and cannot enter wearing pants). A few weeks ago a few random Christians arrived at my door to preach that God was working with a female entity.

So I’ve been exploring this concept of the Holy Ghost as female, which some sources claim was the original understanding of the Gnostics, for example. Galadriel further said I was not from this Earth, but neither did she make me feel like an elf.

Galadriel later gifted me with a cottage in her woods along the river, where I have a bed, a fireplace, and a library. I’m happy that she has befriended me, although she seems to want something in return, and I want to please her.

This is all an extension of a wonderful hypnosis experience that I’ve been repeating on Youtube. Kim Carmen Walsh is a hypnotherapist in Kent and offers a number of free videos worth looking at, including Hypnotherapy for Happiness And Contentment.

When in serious pain, I will pretty much try anything. It’s either that or break down crying. This hypnosis did work to put me to sleep once, and when I woke up the pain was mostly gone. The following night the pain was too much to become hypnotized, however.

Today I also bought a Sansevaria plant for my living room, and I’m looking forward to the new Game of Thrones episode tonight continuing Tyrion’s trial. Until next time–peace, love yourself and your neighbor, and blessed be.

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