Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #5 and #6

A new comic strip episode is up in the sidebar. I like the colors and tones in this one. I came pretty close to the purple color that I associate with the spider goddess Lolth (worshiped by the Drow elves in the Underdark), despite being too lazy to look up it first.

One final Forsaken Inn episode after this one is planned.

My gaming is still languishing while I work on projects and now class. Today I found a fabulous book on clearance at the Scottsdale library store: The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

I’ve loved maps and making maps since I was a child, when I created devious dungeons for my brother and friends to adventure in. I’m looking forward to reading the historical textbook and accompanying poster-sized artwork when I have time.

The comic took like three days worth of my spare time eek. So you’d better damned well enjoy it, dear humans of earth.

comic strip episode 5
comic strip episode 6

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