Weekly Wyrm ~ June 7, 2014

This week I worked on my web-based RPG interface, and I re-visited the LotRO forums.

The LotRO forums feel like a planet of geeks after being conquered by Sith Lords–drained of life and populated mostly by ernest toadies, disguised trolls, intelligent but impotent pontificators, young innocents, and Pollyannas without jobs.

Elder Scrolls vs. LotRO

Until today, I was torn between boosting up my second LotRO account for boxing and going to Elder Scrolls Online. Both efforts seemed entertaining but not for long. I know in LotRO I can only keep one character because of store prices and LI grinds.

So I picked up ESO tonight for $30 at Gamestop, and it includes the Explorer Pack unlock. Soon there will be a new dark elf in town. I haven’t truly played a dark elf since Neverwinter, the original Neverwinter by Bioware, Cryptic having done f***ed up in Angry Joe’s terminology.

In ESO, the dark elf women look a bit angry and militant, but that’s realistic. I can live with it. I might try going to the wood elf side, but Morrowind is calling me. I listened to my fave Jeremy Soule Morrowind tracks every day last week.

His music is a relief from my pain issues. The good news is that I now have Valium.

World Of Darkness

Since I’m behind on my Massively reading, it took a TAGN article to raise my trimmed eyebrows at the woes of this dead, putrefying MMO.

The failure of the effort is justly dragged through the mud, and I feel for every old White Wolf fan and employee who was strung along, frustrated, and crashed wholly along with the mismanaged corporate bus.

Dungeons And Dragons

Escapist reported this week on a new Dungeons And Dragons starter edition. Apparently it’s $20 for two books and some dice, which is reasonable. They could have been more bare bones about it, but if there isn’t immediate short term profit, apparently it isn’t worth doing.

It’s fantastic that kids are still playing this game and learning to worship dark goddesses and demons. The young man below has devoted his eternal soul to Sekhmet, an excellent choice.

This picture is reblogged from the Soviet Hot Tub Party blog.

This looks like the back patio of the Metropolitan in New York, but I don’t know. Document your infernal sources, people! Unless, of course, you illegally imported most of your collection.

Fight on, happy gaming to all.

sekhmet statue image


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2 responses to “Weekly Wyrm ~ June 7, 2014

  • commenter formerly called wumpus

    “but if there isn’t immediate short term profit, apparently it isn’t worth doing.” or apparently not. Hasbro/WOTC/TSR/company to be named later is said to be releasing a PDF of “Basic D&D”. Oddly enough, this “basic” edition will cover 20 levels (the starter set only includes 4?), although only 4 classes (fighter, cleric, rogue, mage (or whatever they are calling the magic user these days)) and four races (humans, elves, dwarves, halflings) and even more limitations will be heaped on the classes (presumably they will resemble the first ed classes while the players handbook will allow you to build a character).

    Between the startup and the basic PDF, it sounds like they don’t feel the need to stick players (your link implied 12 year olds) with the full $150 for three core books right off the bat. Maybe there is some hope.

    PS. DDO didn’t have much love for the drow, either. They started big (before I was there) but were quickly nerfed (or rather, every other class was buffed more). When you were looking at DDO, drow where a fairly cheap method of getting the 32 point builds you were complaining about (drow can only be made with 28 point builds, but get more bonuses than everyone else), and are unlocked fairly easily (roughly level 8, but these are D&D levels, not typical MMO ones). In practice, there were very few ways to build a character that wouldn’t work better with a free, 28pt human build than a drow.

    • Silverangel

      A free PDF huh? That’s a nice idea. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t download free PDFs of the rules unofficially anyway. A few years back, major bookstores had entire shelf units devoted to D&D. I haven’t noticed that recently, but maybe they are still there.

      I miss D&D, I really do. I wish Neverwinter were something different. I feel there is no way my sanity would survive all of the store intrusions and currencies. Thanks for the note, Sir CFCW. 🙂

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