LotRO: Update 14: Paths of the Dead

horseLotRO’s Paths of the Dead update released earlier this week, and I was in the hospital emergency room at the time, which is darkly poetic. I had surgery to remove my kidney stone Monday night, and I’m currently recuperating in bed.

I’m no longer in severe pain, although I still have post-operative risks. I have some scary nagging mysterious aches that make the typical LotRO Community lambasting of this update look self-entitled and wretched.

Despite my differences with LotRO, it’s a source of fun and enjoyment, something to look forward to in life after being anesthetized, when you cease to exist completely from this earth for an hour or two, so gone that you don’t even realize that you’re gone.

The LotRO producer letter’s existence, on the other hand, is appreciated. I’ve always like Aaron Campbell. I’m impressed by the LI change.

Wildstar seems to have an achievement-based evolution of its legendary items, and it’s impressive that the Turbine guys are stepping up to the challenge, allowing legacy unlocks based on content you complete (implied from the dev post snippet that was posted on LotRO Community).

This long-requested revamp is well worth putting effort into over another level cap increase if Turbine can milk the system in the press. LI’s are a big reason people leave.

On the other hand, the essence system defrays the step forward by creating another thing that seems to need grinding and slotting, despite Sapience’s well-constructed pre-emptive attempt at panic control in the patch notes.

I agree with starting the Beorning at level one. They should be rare. Blizzard started Death Knights at 55 with overpowered gear, and they remain today one of the most-played classes in World of Warcraft. I hope no one wants the Beorning to be like that. You have to buy it, and then earn it. I like it.

The implementation of global chat is excellent, and so is increased friends list. The content also looks interesting, although based on early screenshots in the LotRO forums, it looked a little rushed and hodgepodge, without so much of the highly refined cultural aesthetic of the Rohan art.

I’m looking forward to checking out this update. I would also like to get back to Elder Scrolls for another go, supporting a solid MMO with a subscription model.

I might try Shadowrun Returns today in bed, based on Yolari’s recommendation. It depends on whether I can play left-handed. Otherwise I’m enjoying episodes of BBC’s Sherlock on Netflix with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (Bilbo from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, etc.)

So if you’re walking the Paths of the Dead today or this weekend, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate how alive and healthy you are. Jeepers, maybe even go for a long elven walk among the trees outside to celebrate.


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4 responses to “LotRO: Update 14: Paths of the Dead

  • tsuhelm

    Firstly wishing you a fast recovery.

    Welcome back to LOTRO after U14…a very insightful reading of the information as presented…food for thought…

    Oddly enough I just started watching Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Strain’ which has Sean Astin (Sam) in it…gory and very 2D so not particularly impressed so far (also gory!)…but will see if it takes off…

    • Silverangel

      Thank you for the note, Tsuhelm. I’d never heard of the Strain, but gosh another vampire plague. Every time there’s a new one, I cringe because it’s the plot of my vampire novel. The dangers of thinking you’re original in an ignorant little pond I guess. Feeling much better today, may log into LotRO later. Wish my favorite characters weren’t all on my second account. Do I really want to level another warden? Ugh. Cheers. 🙂

  • commenter formerly called wumpus

    Another wish for your swift recovery!

    LOTRO looks like a mixed bag:
    LI revamp: “gear that grows with you” is a good thing. Hopefully they can make something that keeps growing with you.
    Beornings: I’m guessing this was done because it 1: brings in money directly from players and 2: doesn’t interfere with too many legacy systems.
    Trait changes: AAARRGGHHH!!! And this is from someone who was quite happy with the new class traits (since didn’t have many class traits when it happened). Hopefully with the new system players just re-jiggle their traits to fit, but this is bad for a MMO.
    New content: do this. Players come for this.

    This reminds me. I think my rent is due in LOTRO now, I’ve been playing DDO (backsliding) and KSP for so long. I think I want to keep my hobbit house [lots of beornings but no hobbit holes!].

    • Silverangel

      Yes, honestly the thing I’m least looking forward to is doing my traits again, but I guess it’s one way to try to eventually learn them and how they work. I think it’s great they are adding a new class. It’s just a matter of self-respect for the game as well as catering to the players. Thanks for the note, Wumpus. Cheers.

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