Optional Progression: The New End Game?

This week I hit level 100 (the cap) in LotRO with my Lore-Master. I’m happy about this, but being an elf at heart, I continue to lament that the class I chose to keep as my “main” in my favorite ever MMO happens to be human and not a Warden.

Yes, my favorite race and class in LotRO is the elf Warden, but unfortunately she is on my second account, and I don’t have time for dual-boxing or otherwise keeping up with multiple accounts anymore. Of course, LotRO does not have race changes or account transfers like WoW.

LotRO does have optional progression, however. That is, there are tons of ways you can progress your character that don’t matter all that much, but they still seem significant: virtues, legendary items, legendary relic quality, and now the new armor slots and skill points.

That’s months and months of daily play to cap all those things out for one character, and yet none of them are necessary to play and be successful in the game. That’s a very well-designed endgame in my opinion.

Rift has a similar situation in the planar attunements, but those are inferior because it’s harder to think of those things as a real game activity, not like finishing an epic volume in LotRO for a skill point, or slaying 100 bandits for a little more Mercy.

Of course, these LotRO progressions are mostly sold out in the cash store, so that spoils the pie, unless you pretend like the free passes don’t exist.

This week I was listening to a lot of game soundtracks. I’ve realized that Fallout 3 might be technically my favorite soundtrack based on number of tracks I’ve repeat-listened, although the Neotokyo sound track is absolutely tremendous.

I’d never heard of Neotokyo, but a random guy on Steam comments said it’s possibly the best game soundtrack ever, and may have to agree on that.

So Fallout 3 OST and Neotokyo OST. Something for a listen on Youtube if you feel like some music. I have a fondness for ambient, smooth jazz, and trip hop, so your mileage may vary widely.

Last night I also purchased a new quality headset that won’t glitch or lose volume. It also looks like I’ll be working my full time job remotely from home soon, which means I could be in a game a lot more on my second computer.

Gosh, that brings back memories of camping rare monster spawns in Rift. Rift’s expansion is coming soon. I still need two more levels. Can I do it? Or should I keep the momentum in LotRO and go for some beautiful raven-themed Dol Amroth Lore-Master armor?

Meanwhile, I want to play Elder Scrolls. We’ll see how that goes. The cup is half full. Enjoy your ebola-free, terrorist-free gaming experience, and give your loved ones a hug.


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