Weekly Wyrm: Aug. 18, 2014

razer blackwidow ultimateI’m finally catching up with the news that Firefly Online is in development, but it’s for iOS and Android (as well as PC i.e. Steam). So that makes three of my favorite great IPs ruined by game developers.

Something Old: Vampires And Fireflies

A few months ago, years of World of Darkness development were thrown in the northern Atlantic ocean. Last year, Neverwinter was developed as a distillation trap of F2P cash shopping and currencies.

The current official Neverwinter site is now a redirect to a generic game portal, which appears like a storefront loaded with ads and prices for lockboxes and “booster packs”, a fantasy game world converted into an evil borg-like credit card interface.

How can anyone have pride playing that game? How can Cryptic pretend to be the torchbearer of the great and storied Dungeons and Dragons legacy in video games with a presentation like that? They can’t.

The legend ended when Bioware ended, and for me Neverwinter Online ended with my halfling cleric in beta. And now the elusive dream of a Firefly MMO ends with a low-budget IP exploitation mobile game with the original actors lining up happily for their paychecks.

Like with Neverwinter, it’s disappointing. Nothing will ever be more disappointing than World of Darkness though. Some let-downs you should expect. Others you should never forget. Or forgive. Stay bitter until your bitter death.

I don’t know what to look forward to at this point. At least I missed the first two Everquest boats, so that whole scene is new to me, and voxels look cool and unusual.

Something New: Rainbow Razers

A few months ago, I bought a brand new Razer Blackwidow Ultimate from Fry’s Electronics off the shelf, and it was very dusty, had two of some caveman’s knuckle hairs stuck to it, and a key didn’t work. Not kidding.

Since then, I found a keyboard at a thrift store that I tried, and that hurt the fingers too much, so I tried again for a Blackwidow Ultimate, this time from Best Buy. So far, I’m liking it.

I tried to buy any brand other than a Razer, but I couldn’t. They were either too cheap and ugly, overpriced, or didn’t have the audio jack in the side. The jack is the kicker, since I’m so tired of that long headphone cord getting in the way.

Now the cordage is tidy. I can keep on gaming, I hope, without more pain. I also have the backlighting, so I can type this post much faster, saving some time. The default backlighting was eye-searing at first, but the Razer control software has a dimming option.

Razer has a new Chroma keyboard coming out that offers a rainbow of choose-your-own color, but it’s releasing at $180, which is completely cray-cray. I suppose you could call $140 for a keyboard completely cray-cray too.

Something Borrowed

My game development is going slowly. I’m burned out for the moment. It’s nice being able to either do art, write dialog, or code. It’s like trail mix for the soul. I really need to be developing full time, though. Unfortunately I’m too old to live with my parents like some indie heroes these days get her done, and too no-talent to borrow money for this thing.

Angry Joe has an entertaining review up of the Last of Us Remastered. I love that Angry Joe is so Playstation now, while he used to be an XBOX dude who got his angry on hard for Microsoft, and then switched sides. That’s all for now. Kitty out. Happy gaming.


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