Rift: Expansion Packages = Level To 60

loyalty rift imageTrion posted their Rift: Nightmare Tide expansion packages today, causing some stir with some of the offerings, including an instant auto-level to 60 for the two most expensive packages.

Some are saying the 60 won’t be available separately, but that’s naive.

Storm Legion is an albatross. The higher level terrain is gorgeous, and there are some good stories and things happening, but the leveling experience is average, and at worst just boring. I really like Rift, and even I didn’t make it through on the first try. This makes it a big stick in the profit river.

The game does proverbially “open up” at Storm Legion level cap, though.

According to reports, the auto-level brought a lot of players back to WoW for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor, and I agree it’s the right move for the health of Rift. Of course there are unfortunate side effects whenever leveling is negated as an achievement.

The expansion packs also include new gear slots for earrings, which appear to make them must-haves for everyone. That situation is unclear. Rift clearly needs a win, and they are playing it risky.

Back To Rift: Personal Journey

I hit 60 last weekend, and already re-subscribed to Rift, so I’ll be blogging Rift for the next six months.

My loyalty boost for patron status put me over a tier (shown in the image above), so there was confetti flying all over my screen, and my bags were flooded with nutty purple gifts, including a flaming owl that’s perfect for my pyromancer.

I finished four or five Expert Dungeons on Monday. I’d like to get as many achievements as I can out of the 60 dungeons while they are still being run, as well as boost my gear somewhat. Storm Legion was difficult at the beginning with mediocre gear.

I’m having a good time. Rift demonstrates at every turn its creativity, its brilliant engineering. I also capped a few crafts. Potions are stronger in Rift than in other MMOs, so my Apothecary has a big effect on my survival. I never use potions except in Rift.

I also participated in the amazing Volan event in Ashora, which was like fighting Godzilla in the open world. I also ran across the in-game lore for the Budgie mounts. An explorer explains they are a rare species from a discovered “pocket plane” of air.

An RP purist has to wonder why the name “Budgie”, and not “Freakish Big Featherpecker” or something. Ok, I admit they look cute, and this sort of creativity is a hallmark of Rift’s style.

Last night I did an unstable artifact event, where you go crazy for a half an hour hunting artifacts in a random zone. It’s like an insane Easter Egg hunt, with collectible artifacts spawning in the hundreds.

My daily artifact tracking potion (a patron perk) was immediately put to use. I filled my bags with artifacts in fifteen minutes in Ashora. When Trion announced unstable artifacts, I thought they were overdoing it, but the activity was actually fun (at least with tracking).

The Rift forums also aren’t logging me out every day like LotRO, so it’s easier to connect with the community and feel welcome. If you’re reading this and haven’t tried Rift, I’d highly recommend trying it. Here’s a refer-a-friend code, although I’m not sure if it gives perks to the referred person anymore.

Leonore’s Referral Code

You don’t have to be on the same shard as me or anything, but if you show up on Faeblight as a new player and mention Kitty Kitty, I’d be happy to make you some nice bags or donate some plat.

And thanks to those who have already given me some of my favorite perks by using the referrals. That’s all for now. Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing.

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5 responses to “Rift: Expansion Packages = Level To 60

  • Nimuera

    Thanks for your interessting posts.
    I hope fun will be as great for me later once I have a stronger computer. (I’m playing RIFT on an old Mac with Crossover and though my main is lvl 55 already, I always had to think how nice it must be with enough RAM and a new grafic card.). For now I’m going back to WoW, which runs native on a mac and therefore much better.

    • Silverangel

      Yes, Rift is not a pretty picture on low settings. WoW actually looks better in some areas, and I’ve posted screenshots of this – when I also was trying to play Rift on an old computer, and I did the same thing as you, Nimuera. I went back to WoW. Hope you have fun, and can get back to Rift sometime. Viel Gluck!

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    Oh! *goes back to his Jan. 1 prediction post* Yes, I predicted this. Or, I at least said insta-levels would be a thing if EverQuest and Rift adopted the option.

    My relationship with Rift is… odd. I enjoyed the initial game. I did 1-50 with a character from each of the four main classes, hit all the zones, chased achievements, did all the celebrations, got special hats, and all the things I do when I am having a good time.

    But since Storm Legion… and I know we have tread this path before… I just haven’t gotten that spark to play. I like the game. I’m a bit sour on the F2P thing, but I am that way in general because of where it puts developer focus, however that isn’t a deal breaker. I think I might have just enjoyed myself and then hit some level of just being done.

    • Silverangel

      Leveling each calling to 50 will certainly burn you out. It sounds like you have to be a fan if you’re doing that. Are you going to return then, or no?

      Up to now, Rift seems to have enough developer resources to keep going with core system improvements and putting out new real content. Unlike LotRO, Rift is kept under pressure from the core player base, which is raiders, new raids, and the best gear mentality. Trion is flirting with selling out raid gear, however. And a lot of players are excited by the new “minions” system but of course we know this is another F2P store sales opportunity that Neverwinter has already explored, one can assume with success.

      Rift still has more integrity and is a better experience because it doesn’t shove things in your face like its competitors. You don’t have store buttons and announcements on your screen instigating store purchases.

      Thanks for the note, Wilhelm! 🙂

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    […] Silverangel notes in her look at the whole thing, that the idea of insta-levels staying locked to an expansion purchase seems naive.  And Blizzard […]

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