Rift: Nightmare Tide Livestreaming

Rift Livestreaming: All You Can Eat

As of Thursday, Trion has opened up their expansion beta to livestreaming. A good place to dip an eyeball into the plane of water is Seatin’s run-through with Simon Ffinch, which shows off the Goboro Reef and Tarkin Glacier.

Trion has an official livestream scheduled for today (Friday) at 1:30 pm Pacific. The livestream will go into the Minion system. I’m curious about how the system will work.

I’m guessing it will allow raiders to avoid farming, but I’m hoping it won’t make farming and gathering obsolete, since those are things I enjoy. I also wonder if minions will be tied to dimensions in some way, so there is a roleplay angle.

Rift doesn’t have starship crews, of course. Not yet, anyway. I think loyalty and effectiveness were mentioned, but maybe the kitty is confused. Or maybe there will be planar affinity tied to your minion scavenging skills.

Another good source of beta livestreaming is Twitch TV. Khellendross just went offline a few minutes ago, but is scheduled to stream the beta areas starting again 10:30 PM Friday night.

Other Rift News

Biobreak put up a what-are-you-playing poll this week, and Rift started in 14th position but has since moved up to 11th. Maybe Rift inched up after Justin posted an “inching back to Rift” post yesterday, perhaps afflicted by Nightmare fever.

This week I’m continuing to focus on group and raid content while there are still people and alts running around in the lower levels to get it done. Here is a Rift screenshot from a water-plane raid event last night in Freemarch.

That’s just a low-level pickup raid you could join as a new player as soon as you finish the prolog. Meow! And if that screen looks ugly, complicated, and bewilderingly buttony, here is eye candy from the Ardent Domain.

I’ve also done some fishing and cooking. I capped rune-crafting, artificer, and outfitter, but fishing and cooking will take a bit more effort to level them up together. I was excited to fish up some flowering cherry trees, but they don’t look great in my desert dimension (housing).

Happy gaming, and have a wonderful weekend.


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