Nightmare Tide: Livestream And New Screens

Commentary On Today’s Rift Livestream

Massively posted a Nightmare Tide vs. Warlords of Draenor poll today, and Rift did surprisingly well at 29% vs. 44% of readers polled. WoW players may read elsewhere, or maybe they don’t know how to read, but the Rift devs surely feel good about this.

Daglar and Simon were jovial and confident in the Livestream this afternoon. They mentioned a few times that they’d seen concerns about NT’s readiness, and said straight out that a decision would soon be made, and they weren’t afraid to move the date.

Livestream Highlights

  • The new unified currency will be earned in dungeons, PvP, and variety of different weekly quests that target different types of playstyles. This currency can buy you raid gear. At least, that was what I heard said. There is a weekly cap on currency earned.
  • Instant Adventures will be in Goboro Reef only. This is a good idea. They really aren’t needed in every zone, especially as the game ages.
  • Not too many new cosmetics due to focus on three new armor sets: open world, dungeon, and raid.
  • Four new dungeons and two revisits with new mechanics.
  • Four new dimensions at launch: one is Shadow Scion (NT booster pack), and the other three are created by the Dreamweaver profession. It’s great to see support for crafting like this instead of making them store-only.

At one point, Daglar’s tongue seemed to slip, and he seemed to say that F2P is the devil, but I doubt that Daglar is possessed by an evil F2P demon that now controls him like a puppetmaster.

Since Daglar is a demigod, he should be immune to mind control.

The Rift expansion is now in open beta, and it’s my understanding this means the NDA has dropped. Here are some beautiful screenshots showing a few expansion areas (on ultra settings). I was most interested in the overall art, textures, colors, and design.

Killjoys continue pecking at this expansion for its watery-ness, but only a small percentage is underwater.


Goboro Reef: Above Water

Goboro Reef: Below Water

Draumheim: Barnacle Texture

Draumheim: Margle Palace


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