Rift: Nightmare Tide Release Date Delayed

Trion announced today that Rift:Nightmare Tide will now release on Oct. 22. I muted my tongue in my previous posts, but honestly I would have been surprised to see it release next week. The state of the beta has shown something a bit behind schedule.

The question now is what will happen at the strategy meeting tomorrow in Irvine, California. Will Blizzard goad its top-brass ogres into action, turning the burning legion in Scipio Africanus fashion, leaping at the chance to pounce and maul the hapless wildebeest while it’s limping lamely.

Warlords Of Draenor is scheduled to release Nov. 13th.

Last night I transmogged my Rift mage staff into a two-handed sword. I’ve never been a two-hander rambler, but I love the the flaming sword buff from having fire attunement capped. Three more weeks of blogging Rift might send me into Archeage for a bit, possibly another factor in Trion’s decision.


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