Which Fantasy World Should You Live In?

This is a curious quiz. I got Gallifrey. I wanted Harry Potter.

Lynette Noni

The inner geek in me absolutely demands that I share this link to a quick, fun quiz. I got Narnia (woohoo!) – but I’m curious about what other world options they have. If you take the quiz and get a different result, please comment below and let me know of any other cool places they have listed! If someone ends up with something Harry Potter related, I’m so going back to change my answers until I come out with that! (Is that cheating? Lol).

You can check out the quiz by clicking here. (It only takes, like, 30 seconds, but it’s worth it!)

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4 responses to “Which Fantasy World Should You Live In?

  • kiltedpiper

    I got Gallifry as well, would have liked Tamriel, my guess is the time travel question links you to Dr. Who.

  • Wilhelm Arcturus

    I got Asgard. I suppose my cousins in Sweden would be amused.

  • commenter formerly called wumpus

    Gallifry. Would have liked Narnia. No mention if I can hop off with a TARDIS or not.

    • Silverangel

      Gosh, so sorry Wumpus. Your comment got spam filtered, and then I had to approve it on top of that. What a pain in the rumpus. I’ve never checked my spam before, so I wonder if a lot of other comments have gotten filtered too over the months? The spam only went back like a week or two, there were so many.

      I did notice it’s been a while since you posted, and I hope all is well.

      Thanks for the notes 🙂 I decided after doing the quiz that I’d prefer Middle Earth over HP – if I could just be a peaceful elf writing poetry and tending flowers or something. I would think a proper rune-keeper would trounce any Hogwarts boy.

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