Weekly Wyrm Nov. 5, 2014 ~ The Topping Tail

topping tailIn candlestick stock charting, there is a formation called the topping tail. It happens at the top of a chart and marks where the stock makes a final crescendo of buying, which then exhausts itself, and the stock goes downhill from there.

That might sum up where I’m at in Rift. Goboro Reef was the most enjoyable MMO zone I’ve played since Moria. It was a great story with fascinating and funky writing and some bells and whistles sprinkled in: mermaid songs and a lost enclave of Eth, which is the most interesting of Rift’s races. I thoroughly enjoyed this zone.

It gets everything right.

After Goboro, the Rift expansion falls back into the Storm Legion organizational chaos, although it’s kicked up a notch in quality. I would bet Draumheim was written by a completely different writer. In this kitty’s opinion, whoever was responsible for Goboro should oversee and have goddess-like powers over all future story zones made for Rift.

This writer is brilliant. She uses sentence fragments, which I’m not thrilled about. She also uses the word “evil” in two or three dialogs to impress the player with the badness of the baddies, and I don’t agree with this either.

Still. It’s all about the characters and creative writing. At the moment, Rift seems to have made the same questionable decision as LotRO and abandoned the best-written character in the entire game (Arethea) after developing her so well. I hope not. I hope Arethea will show up again.

I also hoped for Nona in LotRO, and we saw how that turned out. I’m on hiatus from Rift at the moment.

Blizzard-Activision = Win

A few weeks ago, I called a stock pick in Blizzard. I said that Blizzard’s stock was undervaluing the strong post-launch performance of Destiny based on what I’ve seen on the street, and I was betting that the earnings would surprise. That’s exactly what happened last night, and now I’m out. I just don’t want to be holding Blizzard.

A lot of big name game makers had very strong earnings this last quarter, by the way. This includes Take Two, EA, and Sony. This is good for games. I saw an interview with the Take Two CEO and he didn’t seem like the sort of horrible caveman that would champion the GTA games. This kitty suspects that looks can be deceiving when it comes to a corporate CEO.

If I were catwoman, I’d investigate.

Saint’s Row 4

I finally got this on a Steam sale last weekend thanks to a tip from Yolari. I paid like $10 for an Ultimate Pack (or something), and now I feel guilty. I wanted to pay more. I just didn’t want to pay lots and lots more.

On the other hand, I would have paid full price a long time ago if the Saint’s Row franchise had stayed in the category of a quirky but still classy underworld story (like the Mafia franchise). So there’s that.

Wasteland 2

I really enjoyed this until near the end of the first real zone. It sort of turns into torture. I mean–in the very first level of the game, you’ve got poisons, incurable diseases, corpse explosions, traps, puzzles to solve with Google, locks you can’t pick, and waves and waves of enemies.

That’s good right? Only up to a point. I’ve heard a lot of players wash out in the first levels, and that was me. I don’t regret supporting this game, but save the torture for the later levels. I was worried I couldn’t cope with managing a party of seven, and that was also a factor.

Seven characters means seven monsters at a time, and you have to kill them one shot at a time, since micromanaging ammo is a real factor. That’s all. Happy gaming, and watch out for those topping tails.


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