Weekly Wyrm ~ Dec. 24, 2014


It’s winter. It’s time to hunker and play your favorite video games with hot chocolate, marshmallows, popcorn, and caramel.

Or just wrap yourself in a dirty blanket and shoot up heroine if you live in poverty in Cuba, Mexico, or Puerto Rico.

Winter is also the season of depression and writing pointless blog posts at midnight, as an alternative to watching the excellent Drugs Inc. on Netflix.

I’m dabbling. You know how the interregnum goes: spending more time thinking about playing games than actually playing them.

Last night I tried to get level 64 in Rift, and I was thinking the entire time about playing LotRO. Tonight I was still trying to move a seemingly broken level 63 bar in Rift, and I was thinking: please let this be over. Please let me go to the next zone.

Goboro Reef was a great zone with great characters, and then the greatness ended. Draumheim is still A+ for creativity, and maybe the same writer actually did write Draumheim, but I don’t care about any of these quests or characters, and that’s the problem.

So I quit questing. Let’s ring in the new year with the zone invasion scene.

raid riftFor one invasion, we had over 100 people (over 5 raids) on one world boss, as shown on my DPS/Healing meter. I’m pretty sure all those people weren’t displayed on my screen.

Rift also has a mess of crafting imbalance. Minions glutted the market with materials, as expected. People leveled up crafting easy. The devs are pulling that back. Now I’m in trouble to level up crafting since I haven’t done it yet.

So I’ve started thinking round two of Elder Scrolls Online, which wins a gold medal on the “Got Elves?” criteria. Massively commentators are predicting a Free To Play ESO in 2015. I don’t think so.

I thought last year that the post-launch development of ESO would be heavily hampered trying to publish on the new consoles as well as PC’s, and that looks true too. I’m still waiting for more than the 4 launch classes. Console players are just waiting for a game to play.

I played Saint’s Row 4 last weekend, and right away I was shooting alien space craft with cannons and leaping tall buildings in a single bound. I would love to play a full game as a space gunner or as superwoman, but that isn’t what I want from Saint’s Row 4.

Real Saint’s Row fans just want THQ to publish a new installment of Saint’s Row 2.

My ideal MMO is made of 100% elf zones with peaceful music and only two professions: herbalism and potions. Instead I’m waiting for DA: Inquisition to go on sale, and I’m also waiting for Mafia 3.

Mafia is one of my favorite game worlds due to great art, sound, production values, and 100% class. Mafia 3 is deservedly shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of 2015.

I’ve also been thinking again this week about how to really play an elf in real life, and turn life into a game. What race and class would you be if life were an MMO? More on that later maybe. Happy holidays, and happy gaming. Meow now.


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