Weekly Wyrm: Rift Dungeons Deep

The game blogging trend for 2015 is the travelogue format, as Keen mentioned in a recent post. The kitty is going to try this style.

First, the news!

LotRO: Plans for 2015

This week LotRO put out its 2015 plans. These plans remind me of an old Sesame Street children’s story called Greedy Grimes, from 1972. Yes, this kitty is an old kitty.

As I remember the story, Greedy Grimes was a fisherman. He never threw anything back. He kept fishing up junk out of the sea and piling it all onto his bad ship Sloppy Slop. He piled fish, old tires, pianos, cars, and everything he could hook until his ship became a mountain of junk, and it sank.

If you’re an MMO gone to F2P, this might be your metaphor.

I agree with Justin Olivetti that the LotRO LI system failed in the beginning, but Turbine has never been willing to give it the heave ho. Adding onto it makes it worse, and this is the top item on the 2015 bucket list for LotRO–another opportunity for store monetization.

To be fair, players no longer have to toss their legendary items anymore. So the new plan is the result of that trade-off. The strategy of alt advancement instead of level advancement is also a good one.

Other 2015 LotRO goals include new instances, which should have been at the top of the list, and then developing server transfer tools to accommodate merges. LotRO had been teasing a new PVMP map for years, so this is unbelievable even for people who want a new PVMP map.

We’ll just have to see how LotRO goes. Turbine has a creditable history of keeping things going. I hope Trion moves forward with such a history. On to Rift.

Rift: Dungeon Delving

This week I successfully pugged five of the six Nightmare Tide expert dungeons. I scraped together a few upgrades over my “world gear”, but I have a lot more dungeon running to do. My hit score is up to 950 from 800. I can supposedly do raids at 1000, but my DPS is lagging more than my hit.

I have L65 Stormlock and Pyromancer DPS builds now, and I’m switching between them based on fight mechanics. The weekly sparkle quest for a random piece of T1 raid gear is going another week, so I’ve spent the most time, again, working for that.

In my first week of traveloguing, I made a rookie mistake, losing a lot of screenshots due to pressing the wrong key! Silly kitty. So I don’t have anything from the rare Draumheim zone event on Thursday, where over 300 high-level players showed up at one spot early in the morning, crippling the server.

Some complained they got no achievement. I got mine.

I also jumped into PvP, although I’m trying to get better gear first. The highlight was also on Thursday, where the Defiants shut down the opposing Guardian team, and I earned over 100 achievement points for ten minutes of focus-firing with DPS.

rift mmo screenshot

The cosmetic outfit of the week goes to this guy, who went the extra distance and transmogrified both of his weapons into fish.

rift mmo screenshot

This last screen is from a remote tower in the Dendrome (level 59-60 Storm Legion zone). I was hunting for artifacts. I spotted a rare monster spawn inside a tower. I killed him and went up the tower to find a ritual room at the top.

This image is iconic from Storm Legion, but I never knew who she was. Apparently it’s a mystery also to the cult priestess in the image, who begs the woman in the stained glass window to give her a divine clue or sign.

rift mmo screenshot

That’s all! Like I said, I was bad with the screenshots, so I have no dungeons. Maybe next time. Until then, happy gaming with whatever you’re playing!


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One response to “Weekly Wyrm: Rift Dungeons Deep

  • GrimaTheMad

    I love the combat fish cook, that’s pretty funny. Good luck with the PVP, it’s not typically my bag because with what I play I typically only lose money when I get the pvp itch lol.

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