Wayback Massively

massively.com homageMassively tweeted tonight for the last time, which is really depressing.

The best MMO news site on the internet (for me personally) is closing down due to AOL cost-cutting.

Massively has been my most-visited site for years aside from maybe CNN.

A lot of bloggers are doing eulogies, so the lazy kitty is getting off the bed to do this using the Wayback Machine.

I’ll interpret my findings like an internet archaeologist. The internet is a pile of death and bones. Let’s sift through them.

June 14, 2004

Massively in 2004 was just a gleam in AOL’s eye, as shown in the image above. AOL was a great sky god. (Click the dates to see the actual archived Massively pages.)

November 2, 2007

After three years of pregnancy, the internet goddess gave birth to Massively in the fall of 2007. Massively was reporting on a LotRO Lorebook entry for the Ents, LotRO having been launched the previous spring. The internet data for 2007 is broken and partly missing, but Tabula Rasa was apparently a popular religious cult during that ancient time of those primitive peoples.

February 12, 2009

Two years later, the young Massively is all grown up, mature and blooming with a plethora of colorful advertising. Warhammer Online was still a thing. Down at the bottom of the page, we see the proud logo of “AOL GAMES”.

February 8, 2011

In the late winter of 2011, Warhammer and City of Heroes are still alive. They will soon be doomed, but a new hope will be born. This new great MMO, at first called “Rift: Planes of Telara”, but later changed to just “Rift”, entered the open beta stage. Soon Rift would be born from the womb of Trion, an interstellar goddess of immense power and beauty, in the heat and flowery blush of spring.

The Present Day

And we all know the rest. Eventually in the year 2015, the great sky god AOL betrayed its child, Massively, and killed it. The End.

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